Gifted & Talented Child ( Language Piano Fencing )

Gifted & Talented Child ( Language Piano Fencing )

From CK Reguyr

My name is CK - we have been told my 6yo son has a sense of giftedness and he is gifted and talented. Seeking support so he can continue to attend his: Language learning schools, Music piano courses & Fencing/Chess club.

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I wanted to share to the world our story in particularly my son who this fundraiser is for. My name is CK and we have been told my 6 year-old son has a sense of giftedness.

We continuously receive comments that he performs at or shows the potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment. In other words, he exhibits high performance capability in an intellectual, creative, or artistic area.

What does that exactly mean:

Here's is his story and our situation:-

1) My son knows 5 languages and continues to grow and learn with each language every passing day. He started learning the different vocabularies by looking at sight word books early on and since he was born, we have always read to him in a different language. He attends Spanish-English school, has 3 online language tutors (Spanish/Mandarin/Tagalog) and recently received a Language Proficiency Certificate for Japanese. His next goal is deciding what his 6th language will be.

2) This past semester, he received a lot of A's/E-Excellent both in his primary elementary school and also he attends schooling on the weekends (I have saved all his achievements at his very young age). He even tested and got accepted into their Gifted & Talented Program.

3) He can play the piano (he started just 2 years ago) and can already perform pieces from composers: Émile Waldteufel, Johann Sebastian Bach and Ari Pulkkinen. His next goal is to learn one from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Stevie Wonder or Luigi Boccherini.

***If this sounds not possible to do at his age, you can stop reading right now, but I will continue to let you know what is special about this 6yo child.***

4) Outside of school, he is primarily into Swimming for fun and practices Chess almost every day and recently into Fencing just last year. He can actually perform ahead of his peers. Let me explain:-

-Swimming: He can jump into the pool, submerge fully, return to the surface and immediately begin swimming without pushing off the wall. Additionally, he can swim in a horizontal position on top of the water using a forward crawl and exit the pool without assistance.

-Chess (see main fundraiser photo): He can complete games in a couple of minutes and looking for ways to challenge himself. For example, he trains on using their Vision training and enjoys playing against the computer.

-Fencing: His teacher has shown some great interest in him that he will be a good candidate because he has a long attention span and was impressed he can train for 3 hours per day. This is the activity that I believe he will excel in because of his personality, focus, and concentration abilities.

***Again you have to meet him or see this for yourself because I cannot imagine how he is able to do these activities at a very young age, let alone have his innate motivation and drive to succeed.***

Lastly, (Number #5) he knows and is self-taught in Origami, Go, Shogi, Othello and other card games and can also solve several Rubix speed cubes all in less than a minute. In my eyes, this is remarkable at such a young and fragile age.

At the end of the day, I understand he is still a child at home, but I just didn't want to pass up on his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where he can actually make a difference in the world if given the financial foundation, support system and opportunity to succeed.

What I am hoping to achieve in this fundraiser is to continue to be able to pay for his 3 main activities so he is able to attend what he enjoys the most. Primarily: Language learning schools, music piano courses and swimming/chess/fencing clubs.

As you can see, this is not a regular request. I supported him monetarily as much as I can and now unable to continue with his activities further due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Everyday I want to give up on myself but I try not too because of him. The reason is, I am currently unemployed and further impacted by the current economic situation. I have used up all our savings and reached a point where I can only take him this far and because of that, my son is where he is today.

I can't stress this enough but these funds will help him until I am able to find a stable job. A little about me: I have degrees in Chemistry and Mathematics, employed for several years in QA/QC Food Manufacturing and recently had some terrible/bad luck in securing a gainful employment and one that is job appropriate (I can even work for you or your business in return to get the financial means to help support my son).

We are seeking donor support or a benefactor or sponsorship for my son because I know deep down inside he has the talent and sense of giftedness. All I can do is think ahead and hope someone will invest in him. Anonymous or not, I am asking for any contribution that you can make to help fund his life aspirations and goals. I will provide updates, fund allocation and receipts as no contribution is too small or too big.

I don't know if he was born with these talents or became part of it during his upbringing, but I can assure you he will not let you down. Please consider supporting us and help him make a difference. You will not be disappointed.My son and I are able to interview (can be reached by phone at 512-522-9334 or meet in-person) with any individual or group that is able to support him. In addition, we have references for all statements given above because we are truly serious about our request short term (small donations now) and long term (benefactor/sponsorships).

We can meet anywhere in the state of Texas to ensure and build confidence to our supporters of interest, exchange contact information details and discuss further and then he can show you his time and talents and attest to what he can contribute to the rest of the world. We just need that special someone.

***Thank You for Your Contribution, Time and Consideration in reading our story and God Bless.***

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