Getting something off my chest

Getting something off my chest

From Tan Foong Yee

I'm raising money for my Top surgery. All of your donations will support my surgery fees and the outstanding amount of your kind donation will be forwarded towards another person in the LGBT community. Much appreciated!

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Hey there!

My name is Alexis and I’m a proud transgender, queer, a-little-awkward guy from a little country in SouthEast Asia called Malaysia not Barnstead, NH. (The reason I use this location is because only US locations are verifiable on this platform.) 

Malaysia is in many ways a country accepting of diversity and culture,  but unfortunately, the same can’t be said when it comes to LGBT rights and inclusion. I have lived 23 years in an Asian society and a country where being myself is not acceptable, and I decided that enough is enough. 

23 years of my life have been spent not being authentically myself, 23 years of my life have been spent feeling ‘wrong’, 23 years of my life have been spent thinking of all the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘could have beens’.

So after long years of mental breakdowns, social anxieties and breathing difficulties (due to binding), I am finally taking  the first step of many to do what’s right for myself: TOP SURGERY!!

Last month, I had my consultation with a Christian nonprofit medical institution in Penang, Malaysia (Penang Adventist Hospital) and will finally have this heavy burden lifted off my chest in January 2022. I chose this hospital as it is close to home (the only other option is to fly to Thailand) and I won’t have to be restricted by the Covid-19 regulations in my country. Also, since it’s a non-profit hospital, I’ll be able to get my surgery done at a more cost-efficient rate :)


Keyhole Top Surgery in January 2022

consultation & registration - 30 USD

TOP keyhole surgery           - 2,300 USD

compression garment         - 10 USD/pc

take home medications      - 120 USD


Total:                                2460 USD


Nipple Reduction Surgery (3-6 months later)

nipple reduction- 600 USD

take home medications- 40 USD


Total:                640 USD


(The above cost breakdown is only an estimated figure. My goal of $3350 is inclusive of Fundly’s 4.9% platform fee and 2.9% credit card processing fee.)

Why is it important to me?

Many of my family and friends don’t really get what body dysphoria is, so let me give you a quick analogy that I came across on the web:

Imagine gender is a pair of shoes. If you have a comfortable, good-fitting pair of shoes, you don’t really think about them, because it seems normal and unimportant, they’re always there and don’t bother you. And most people around you are perfectly fine with their shoes as well.

Now, imagine your shoes are too tight or have a rock in them. It makes them uncomfortable and you’ll notice that with every step. You need to get rid of that rock or get a bigger pair of shoes, there’s no other option to stop the pain. 

I don’t usually ask for help. But now I really need your help to make my shoes more comfortable for my journey ahead.

Every donation, boost or kind words will really mean the world to me.

For Malaysian donors or anyone who wants to avoid the Fundly's platform fee, you may donate to my personal account:

Bank name: Public Bank 

Bank account no.: 6397685625 

Name: Clarice Lau Le Yan

With much love and gratitude,


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