Getting Business Donations: Ways Nonprofits Can Attract Spon

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Modern companies make donations regularly and work with nonprofits to practice corporate social responsibility. A study published on Science Direct reveals that although sponsorship does not directly promote a company's product, it inspires goodwill, facilitates image transfer, and boosts customer loyalty. 


Apart from financial support, a business donor can help your nonprofit attract new sponsors and volunteers to raise and create awareness for your cause. However, getting donations from businesses takes time and effort. You need to use a different approach than the typical donor outreach technique. Below are ways you can get business donations and attract sponsors. 


Identify Potential Corporate Donors


While you can pitch for donations from companies like Amazon, Coca-Cola, and Walmart, their giving programs are competitive. Your application for donations will be against thousands of other nonprofits. For this reason, consider getting donations from local businesses. 


Besides receiving fewer sponsorship requests, local companies focus on improving the community. Opportunities for corporate sponsorship are everywhere, from banks to restaurants, tech firms, and retailers. Once you have identified prospects, determine if they are a good match for your cause. 


A good corporate sponsor will have missions and values that align with your nonprofit's goals. They also have a good business reputation and a record of giving to other charitable organizations. 


Customize Your Donation Request


Asking companies for donations can feel awkward. After all, many prospects want to know why they should donate to your nonprofit. You can increase your chances of getting business donations and attracting sponsors by personalizing your donation request. 


It is, therefore, important to understand donations don't need to be in dollars only. Businesses contribute to nonprofit organizations in different ways, like:


Cash donations


These donations could be used to pay for ongoing services, projects, or reimbursement of expenses. 


In-kind donations


The purpose of in-kind donations is to help nonprofits cut back on operating expenses. Examples of in-kind donations are office supplies, consultation services, items for auctions, and beverages for your next fundraising event. A company can also donate equipment to ensure your employees or volunteers work efficiently.


Corporate sponsorships


This type of contribution creates an opportunity for companies to be associated with your charitable organization by paying for fundraising events or campaigns. 


Matching donations


A company can decide to match donations to a specific amount of cash you raise through a campaign. Some companies also have social responsibility programs that match donations their employees make to nonprofits. 


Tips to personalize donation requests


To successfully personalize your request, you must balance what your nonprofit needs and what each company can offer. For example, if your next cause involves building a shelter for people without homes, you may need support from companies in the construction industry. 


You could ask a company like Skid Heaven LLC to donate skid steer tracks for compact tractors you'll be using to prepare the building site. Receiving high-quality skid steer tracks is an in-kind donation that will help your staff and volunteers work faster and safely. When approaching companies with customized donation requests, ensure you know their philanthropic track record and financial status.


Explain The Impact Of Donations


Like individual donors, businesses want to hear stories and see images of what their donations have done for the community. Therefore, explain to your prospects how their donations can make a difference. For instance, let's say your organization is building a school. Tell a sponsor their funds could be used to purchase building materials, uniforms, or books. You could also tell a potential corporate sponsor a success story, like how support from businesses like theirs has helped provide food and shelter to 50 families. Explain to them their support could help reach 100 more families. 


Getting business donations can have significant benefits to your nonprofit. However, to win corporate sponsorship, you must research and plan carefully.  Start by identifying businesses with missions that align with your values. Then, customize your donation application to match the sponsor's contribution model and explain the impact of their donations. 

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