Get Those Legs Moving Again So I Can Get Back To Work!

Get Those Legs Moving Again So I Can Get Back To Work!

From Carrie Elwell

I am raising money to help pay for my bills that I'm am very far behind on due to me being off work for over a yr now cause I need to have leg surgery due to my veins not working!

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Hello my name is Carrie and I'm am raising money for my bills that I'm very much behind in and also my rent. Well about 1 1/2 ago I started seeing that my legs were swelling up when I would be on them at work and just thought it was from standing to long well then when I would have a few days off in a row they still would swell so I thought huh that's kinda weird so my family and I both thought that I was a diabetic so I made an appointment for the doctor and they ran blood tests and that came back negative thank goodness! So my doctor referred me to a leg specialist which took about 4 weeks to get into! So once my appointment finally came around my legs has swelled so darn much that when u pressed on them the indent would stay so I knew something was very wrong well the day of the appointment came and when I went into the doc she looked at them and was like oh wow they are swelled arnt they lol! So I had a ultrasound done on them but this ultrasound a bit diff from one's I have had in the past I had to lay on a he'd and the bed had to be tilted so I was at a angle so they could see if my blood flow was working in my legs correctly. Well the test took about 30 min and that was 30min of me holding myself up on this bed cause I felt like I was gonna go sliding down the bed onto the floor. So finally got the test done and get brought back to my room and the doctorcomes back in about 25 min later and she says well I have an answer for you. Your veins in both of your legs your main veins in the front of your legs are not working there is no blood flow goin through them the blood is not flowing down and back up like it should be and that is why your getting all this swelling and pain. I was shocked never did I think that was wrong and oh I also have Adema in my legs. So the doc proceeds to tell me that I have to get my veins shut off in order for the other veins to start working correctly so what they have to do is go in and either glue my veins shut or heat them shut and they can only do 1 at a time and they will leave the veins in my legs once they are done. So now I just have to wait to get an appt which is why I'm creating this to help me with money for gas too I have no money to make it back and forth at all. The pain is unbearable most days so I need to get this done so I can get back to normal again. SO if people could find it in there heart to help and donate to my cause I would truly truly appreciate it you don't even know and if u can't donate pls say a prayer that I get this done asap. I just wanna thank whoever now does donate from the bottom of my heart you truly are an angel God bless you all.

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