Get Our Van Running

Get Our Van Running

From Kristin L Allen

Hey everyone! Overnight we had a massive storm and now our van won't start. The engine tries and tries but it won't turn over. Hopefully, this is an easy fix, but we're hard-up on cash right now. We need some help.

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Our van is older, but we can't afford to replace it. We're taking it to a reliable shop that's always treated us right, but I'm scared of how much it will cost to fix the van. The battery and alternator are fine, and I'm thinking it's the spark plugs or the starter. Not only do we need the van running so I can get to work, but the registration is due next week and if we can't get the car running and emissions passed (which I was going to do Saturday, go figure) then we will have to pay a late fee on top of the $58+ emissions cost. I budgeted for the tags and emissions, but fixing sparkplugs or the starter is going to break us. I don't get paid until next Friday, and most of that money is going to utilities, insurance, and food. We have almost no buffer for emergencies at all.

Please help us get back up and running so I can get back to work and put food on the table for our two boys. 

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