Get a Shoutout For More Followers On Instagram

Get a Shoutout For More Followers On Instagram

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Do you have any idea how top Instagram users are attracting thousands of followers? It's no more a secret, and it's time you must know all about how Instagram shoutouts work.Believe me, once you learn the tricks to master this incredible follower-building trend, you will also have a very popular account in the shortest possible time.Have you heard of Instagram Shoutouts?

An Instagram shoutout, as the name suggests is what it sounds like. So, when one Instagram account holder publicly acknowledges or endorses another user, it's a shoutout. Let's try to understand how shoutouts work: Suppose, there are two different Instagram users who are trying to build their followers. Once they agree to give each other a shoutout, they go ahead and post a picture or an interesting video and instruct their followers to follow the other account. Shoutout posts often involve photos or videos from the account they're shouting out. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to build followers on Instagram. Unfortunately, getting a great shoutout is easier said than done. It needs a lot of understanding and networking with others and also a willingness to feature another user's content on your own account as part of the shoutout or s4s agreement.If you are thinking of getting an effective shoutout that gets the best results in terms of more followers, there are a few things you should consider in the beginning. You can do it more effectively if you follow these tricks that will guide you in your desire of getting a great Instagram shoutout.Tricks to Get a Great Shoutout on Instagram1) Go find Other Instagram users who create similar content as yoursIf you are in the habit of posting a lot of pictures of food and interesting recipes on Instagram, take my word, you won't have much luck if you target a user for a shoutout agreement who mainly posts about music. Even if both of you agree for a shoutout, you probably wouldn't get as many followers out of it, because the followers of the other person would be more interested in the music content rather than in the food content.Your best chance lies in finding such users who share similar interests with you based on their content because only then their followers will notice your content and decide to follow you.2) Identify Other Instagram Users With Similar Number of Followers As YouSome users include very short descriptions in their Instagram bios to inform followers that they're comfortable doing shoutouts. But if the other user is having 100K+ followers and you've only 500, there is no point contacting them.More often than not, users will only agree to a shoutout if both of you have a similar amount of followers. As a matter of fact, it's quite fair. Therefore, once you go up on the popularity ladder to build at least one thousand followers, it gets a lot easier to do shoutouts with other users who may be interested in growing their followers.3) Create Engagement with Other Users Profiles before Asking for a ShoutoutIt's social media etiquette to appreciate good content of others, especially on a platform like Instagram where everyone is looking for instant gratification and endorsement. You need to be extra polite to engage with other users who you want to ask for a shoutout. It's important to like their content in the beginning to show that you're indeed interested in their content. Make sure to like their photos or videos, comment on them and even follow them to show you're serious.Social media in general, and that includes Instagram  too is essentially about engagement. Even a limited social media interaction can go a long way in creating a meaningful collaboration with another user. Moreover, it's the easiest way to network with others online.4) Never Ever Spam Other Instagram Users with Comments on Their PostsThere are certain users who get a little too enthusiastic about finding people to ask for a shoutout, and they often end up spamming lots of pictures with comments such as "s4s?" or something very regular about how great their content/profile is, without even caring to look at the account's entire Instagram profile or engaging with them in the first place. That kind of behaviour isn't going to get you a shootout. Avoid spamming users just to get noticed. Instead, you should first focus on finding targeted users with similar content and followers, and then initiate by engaging a little with them.5) Use Email or Instagram Direct to Contact Other UsersHaving discovered the Instagram users who post similar content as you and have around the same number of followers as you. And you've also successfully resisted the temptation of asking for a "s4s" by leaving a random comment on their post, and instead you have smartly chosen to engage and interact by leaving genuine comments. So, now you are all set for the next step.What are you waiting for? Now go ahead and directly contact the user and ask them if they'd be interested in a shoutout with you. Try to find an email button if they have a business account or an email address connected to their bio. If you find neither, try to contact them instead through an Instagram Direct private message. But remember, if you are messaging another user, try to make it personable. Choose to comment on something specific about their profile or content because that might convey them you're not just another spammer but a genuine user. 

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