Generation to Generation Episode 3 & 4

Generation to Generation Episode 3 & 4

From Thomas Biebers

Generation to Generation resumes filming in November. B and B Productions is currently raising funds to finish two new episodes for this award winning documentary series about the Holocaust.

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Generation to Generation is a three time award winning documentary series about the Holocaust. However the series is not just another set of films about that period.  Each episode is a unique perspective into the lives of survivors, shared by their children and grandchildren, also known as the second and third generations.   

As the son of a Holocaust survivor, I know how important it is for us to continue to talk about their experiences during the war, but it is equally important that we understand what happened to them post 1945.

Each episode, we will of course, touch on the Holocaust as it relates to a specific survivor. Yet the majority of the film will focus on their journey after the war. Child survivors, we will follow them into adulthood. The match making of young couples in DP camps, and their migration to various parts of the world. How did the war affect them in terms of parenthood, occupations, and daily life.

There were those who married people who were not part of the Holocaust. How did they manage a normal relationship with a spouse who could not comprehend their experiences. 

The Holocaust was more then Concentration Camps and railroad cars. Each survivor's story is different, and their journey into some kind of post war normality is just as unique. 

That is the goal of Generation to Generation. To show that the Holocaust is more then a few words and pictures in a history book. It is through the words of their children and grandchildren that we can prevent history from repeating itself.

100% of the funding is applied directly to the films. The little things that go into making a film, add up quickly. From insurance to feeding of the crew. Research and editing. From pre to post production, and finally marketing and distribution. Again every penny raised will be directed to production. We will provide a complete budget breakdown and present receipts to anyone concerned. We have nothing to hide.

Finally, we are not a start up project. This is not a film in development  or just a thought or idea. This is a working project, with two completed award winning films. At this point we are attempting to include two more episodes in order to have a completed package to present to a network or streaming service.

The first film is linked at the beginning of this campaign. We have provided another one here which will take you to episode 2 (our first feature).                            

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