From Eugene T Anagnos

Strong Conservative for Republican nomination for US Senate from NJ. Veteran; Legal immigrant and Proud citizen; Ellis island baby from Greece with Latino in-laws; Taught in Newark & Elizabeth; Not a politician.

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I am running as a Conservative who fully supports President Trump.  I want to add a critical vote in the US Senate to support the President as he continues to lower taxes, cuts stifling regulations, reduces wasteful expenditures, strengthens our defenses, protects our borders, appoints judges to the courts who will apply the Constitution and the law instead of trying to make it, and achieves fair and balanced trade with the world. 

It is time to have a Senator from New Jersey who will do everything to help make America and New Jersey great again.  In Cory Booker, we now have instead a weak and ineffectual officeholder, whose only interest is in advancing his party's socialist agenda for his own pursuit of a presidential nomination.  The 2020 election will be a key juncture for our beloved nation.  We can either continue to go forward with greatness or we can retreat to the failed policies of the past.

We must continue to grow our economy and keep unemployment at the lowest historical levels for every segment of the population.  Lower taxes and less government mean more freedom and more prosperity for all.  We will do this by fully supporting this great President during his second and even more successful term of office.  I pledge to always remain true to conservative principles, and I would very much appreciate your support.


It is absolutely imperative that we send a Republican Senator to Washington in 2020.  If New Jersey sends 11 Democrat Representatives along with Senators Menendez and Booker,  NJ will be in a political desert with a Republican administration not paying any attention to the Garden State for the next 12 years minimum. 

I am an ardent supporter of the President and have been from his initial candidacy, and I will definitely be able to have the President's ear when it comes to assisting our state for any legitimate needs.  If we continue to allow the Democrats to have complete control of NJ, we will see more tax increases, a mass exodus of businesses, more unemployment, a higher crime rate, and a further deterioration of the quality of life, as their economic policies will cripple this state for small and large businesses.

I am a staunch advocate of the 2nd Amendment, which protects all our other freedoms.  I strongly support our law enforcement and the necessity of protecting citizens and legal immigrants.  In addition, I will introduce measures in the Senate for safeguards in our voting system, including the outlawing of ballot harvesting. 

I am not a career politician, but a veteran and a legal immigrant who arrived on Ellis Island as a 14 month old baby.  As a graduate of Indiana University, I taught in the inner cities of Newark and Elizabeth for over 25 years.  I have tremendous rapport with minority communities, and I am confident that I can draw support from Senator Booker's base.  I will campaign every day and in every community throughout every part of New Jersey.

It is the only way to defeat a Democrat incumbent in this state, as we are outnumbered by over 400,000 registered Democrats.   I will continue to post updates, and I would appreciate your support.

Democrats will send tremendous amounts of vitriol my way if I win the Republican nomination, but we have to fight this constant attack on our Constitution and specifically the intrusion on our individual freedoms which the Democrat party increasingly advocates. 

 Respectfully, Gene T. Anagnos  

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