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Thanks for taken some time to view is request. Photography like music,  is a passion  which drives my creative endeavor that I feel is embedded in my very soul.  Recently I upgrade my camera and the cost eat up my budgeted for. Encluding trading older equipment. 

Normally if I'd lose or break a piece of gear, I would save up for replacements by using the funds from paid shoots, but now this time around with the upgrade of camera and other accessories I've used up my budget. So I'm asking family and friends,  hoping everyone with chip in to that cost of the remain equipment. (See List)

Any amount would be appreciated, if only a dollar, or sharing with others that might be able to help.

To show my thanks, anyone who is able to help with donating, I would be more than happy to provide a one-time discounted photoshoot regardless of how much is donated. 

Again thanks for your time. 

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