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local community is not huge thing like it use to be, but where we have online community of 10000 times size of the city I live in. could I slowly over time be able pay debts off?

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The Idea

Well I started Fundraising on this website on an idea.

I live in a city 412,674 people.

where only 6.4% are not employed on at least a minimum wage job.

Our minimum wage is 11.55.

So lets say hypothetically these people work at least 24 hours a week.

That would mean they make $277.20

Now we have to have our insurances get their pay offs as well as our government dip into these funds, to fund what cities need, corruptions and whatever else.

So lets say they only make $200 for this example.

Which means at the end of the month they have $800.

Now if I asked for $1 of that, I am asking for about 0.13% of what they got paid.

Now we live in cashless world now.

so only 20% of them even have cash on them at the time.

Out of those 20% not even 1% of them would give me that $1 but for this example I will bring it up to 1%.

Now in this scenario on average only reaching maybe 5000 people per day.

Now this would be panhandling situation on top of my own minimum wage job so can stay afloat.

Well in that situation out of those 5000 people only 20% of them have cash.

so of that 1000 people. 1% of them gave me $1.

so made $10 a day.

So in my city it take 70 days to meet everyone employed

In that 70 days I made $700.

Well that experiment would pay off one dumb financial decision. would save me $25 a month.

which I would use buy less cheap groceries. That hopefully allow me to start cooking more instead of unfreezing something to eat. Which in turn make me have bit more energy. Which might help in turn help me deal with myself on mental level.

Now I am putting this idea on grander level on this website.

which in turn if it works out. I can pay off my debts. then move to my mothers, fathers, siblings, family, friends debts.

If I can get someone to give me on my cities minimum wage average of 0.13% of there well earned money, on this grander level.

Well I'm hoping I not stuck paying $500 of my earnings a month to paying off dumb mistakes I made as young adult without knowing the dangers or having proper knowledge of credit, payment plans, and lines of credit.

Then after as community people have helped me. I'm hoping then I can add my own $1 to campaign and continue it to help my mother. Pay off her debts.

Then move onto my fathers, my siblings, friends then... after that.

  Well if this experiment continues to work out and people actually work as community to help people.

I can look into helping other people out of debt.

I will continually update this with thoughts and what not I will answer any questions if left.

If I start culminating funds, showing this more then just pipe dream. I'll start posting photos of the debts with $0 owed. showing that differences are being made.

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