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What's up, guys.  If you're here, you saw my Gazzery launch post.  If you're still reading, you're interested.  So, let me tell you what I've been up to lately.

I've created this app Gazzery.  It's a talent/entertainment app that allows users to create profiles and upload up to 1-minute videos of their talents into 5 distinct categories (Sounds, Moves, Jokes, Athletic, and Unique) with authentic, unedited, unfiltered videos right from your cell phone camera.  To me, the app is about entertainment and opportunity.  Submit material 24/7 to an audience for instant feedback. Maybe get discovered. Or watch your own talent show from the comfort of your own phone.  If you're a young and new athlete, artist, or performer, use this to get discovered.  If you have a career, use this to get work.  If you're famous, use this to excite your fans.  

Here's the #1 question I've been asked about Gazzery:  how is this different from other social media sites?  Gazzery specializes in showcasing authentic talent and performances through cell phone videos.  That's it.  Next.

Here are some unique features of the app:

It provide categories of the talents/performances everyone wants to see.  

It provide profiles with personalized virtual portfolios of your performances.  

It makes it easy to view the top viewed, most liked, and most recent videos.  

And I'm planning on much, much more.

So, here's what the crowdfund is all about.  I've started this whole thing with my own money and need some help to continue the journey.  The $5,000 I am asking for is going towards upgrades to the app, backend expenses, and marketing.  I'm going to add basic linkup features so users can share their videos on other sites.  I'm adding a homepage that will provide the most popular videos from all categories right when you log on.  I am going to make the app easier to watch videos by adding one touch playbacks.  I am going to implement a follow feature that allows you to follow your favorite artists/performers.  

I am most excited about my vision to transform the profile page into a virtual video portfolio/resume so that users can send it to important people -- something that no one else is doing.  

I'll also use your contributions to pay storage and operation costs for the app.  Finally, I'm relying on social media to market the app upon launch, but I'll need additional resources to spread the word far and wide.  

As you can probably guess, I'll need a lot more than $5,000 to do all of these things, but this will help to keep things moving right off the bat.  

So, that's it.  Thank you for reading this and considering to help.  I hope you share my vision about how exciting this app can be and join me on this journey.  Now go use Gazzery.

-Todd Rossman - Founder/CEO, Gazzery, Inc.

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