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Background: The devastating war in Gaza has struck close to home, affecting our work, our colleagues, and their families. JSI has a team of two dedicated Palestinian consultants in Gaza — Maher and Ala’a. They lead a project to assess Gaza’s public health laboratory supply chain. This work has been placed on hold due to the Israeli government’s ongoing onslaught on Gaza. 

Maher has been part of JSI since 2019. He helped establish the Yemen SHARP project, supported JSI’s health logistics and supply chain work on multiple projects, and brings more than 20 years of experience in international development, program management, and operations. 

Ala’a is new to JSI and is a supply chain specialist who has worked with various UN agencies around the globe for more than 15 years. Because of his dedication to his work, he was granted special approval by UNRWA to work on our project.

Our colleagues and their families and children are facing unimaginable challenges, calling this “the most difficult time they’ve experienced in their lives.” Their homes were destroyed or severely damaged by Israeli air raids, and they have been forced by the Israeli military to flee (along with more than 1 million Palestinians ) to the southern part of the besieged territory. Schools, health services, civilian convoys, and even bakeries are being targeted by Israeli air raids making it not any safer than their homes in the North. Despite these conditions, Maher and Ala’a embody strength and resilience in their communications with us:

Ala’a: “I almost lost my apartment.. severely damaged … yesterday they bombed my area with tons of bombs…. Tens killed and hundreds injured… were running with my kids to the street… horrible, horrible ...I hardly managed to move to the south… but  the unbelievable situation is horrible… bombs were everywhere and it was not even safe till reaching the south… I just secured my family but couldn’t manage to secure any food or even my private documents …. We will be fine … hope to settle this issue soon… please pray for us.”

Maher: “Outstandingly horrible..Remal is the best neighborhood in Gaza where I live; it has been turned into rubble… I am ready to support you with any current and or future support for MOH. I am mentally strong enough to handle the challenges. Losing my house doesn’t make me lose hope.“

Fundraiser: We stand with our colleagues and are launching this critical fundraiser with a simple goal: to help them rebuild their lives. To find new homes, to equip themselves with basic necessities like food and water and clothing, and access essential resources like medical care, they are in need of our support and assistance. In times of crisis, our true strength as a community shines through. There is strength in numbers and together, we can be a source of hope, healing, and resilience for our colleagues in Gaza. Join us in making a difference.

Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a significant difference and will be a gesture of hope and solidarity. Your contribution will bring them one step closer to a brighter future. Let's show them that they are not alone.

Donate today - Fundly has a 0% platform fee, maximizing the impact of your donation.

The funds we raise will be split evenly between Maher and Ala’a. 

Spread the word: We encourage you to share this message with your friends, family, colleagues, and supporters as it takes a collective effort to make a meaningful impact. Your voice can amplify our message, and together, we can reach more people who want to make a difference.

Thank you for your generosity and solidarity

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