GATEHOUSE Restoration Project

GATEHOUSE Restoration Project

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Please join my generous friends and me in supporting the refurbishment of the interior/exterior of the Gatehouse, the historical entrance to the Meadow Brook Estate. Built in 1928, there is a critical need for some TLC.

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Unarguably one of the most historic homes in Oakland County, Meadow Brook Hall was constructed by Matilda Dodge Wilson and Alfred Wilson towards the end of the "Roaring Twenties", almost a hundred years ago. Meadow Brook Hall’s breathtaking architecture and history is still preserved as if was frozen in time. Meadow Brook Hall, a National Historic Landmark, is widely known and revered by all who have visited Oakland University, but another lesser known building that accompanies its’ history is also located nearby on campus.

The Meadow Brook Gatehouse, originally constructed in 1928, served as the principal entrance to Meadow Brook Hall. The Tudor-style architecture of the Gatehouse not only matched that of Meadow Brook Hall, but it also served as important complement to the great estate just a short drive down Maple Lane. The Gatehouse, with its’ two-bedrooms, served as the residence of the gate keeper who would welcome guests and visitors to the estate. In later years, the Gatehouse would later serve as the home for several different OU staff members until the end of the 20 century. However, once vacated, what was once the first introduction to the elegance of Meadow Brook Hall soon fell into disrepair.

In the fall of 2020, a group of golfers from the Oakland University, led by OU alum Mike Klieman, began a thoughtful initiative to restore the building to its’ original condition. To date, the group has donated over $100,000 to a domestic non-profit corporation known as the “Gatehouse Society” with pending 501(c)(3) designation. The sole intention of the non-profit is the restoration of the Gatehouse.

Funding will be utilized to repair and refurbish the interior and exterior of the Gate House, plus the surrounding grounds. This multi-year project includes reconstruction of the original gate; repair of the garage doors; restoration and refurbishment of damage in kitchen, bathroom, living rooms, and bedrooms; and much more! Restoration work is being completed in close collaboration with the Meadow Brook Hall curator to ensure that the final outcome resembles the original condition as closely as possible.

Not only will the Gatehouse serve as an important key in preserving the heritage and history of Meadow Brook Hall, but your support in helping to restore this treasured building will be instrumental in assuring that its’ tradition and grandeur will be appreciated by generations to come. We invite you to scroll through the pictures above to see some historical photos and current condition photos.

Your participation is greatly appreciated and will serve to complete a restoration one hundred years in the making. 

Thank you!

Mike Klieman

(Please note that this is a private fundraising group effort done in support of the Gatehouse.  Any checks should be made out to the Gatehouse Society, which is a non-profit set up for the explicit support of the Gatehouse renovation.)

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