Garden Storage: What Is It, And How Do You Create It?

Garden Storage: What Is It, And How Do You Create It?

From Anil Baswal

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Garden storage is often spoken about during times when the weather might be brightening up, and everyone is having a bit of a garden clearout. If you would love to know more, and perhaps even learn how to create your own garden storage, read on for our quick guide to garden storage - what is is and how to create it: 

What Is Garden Storage? 

Garden storage is any storage that you use outside to store a range of different garden items that simply cannot be left outside and open to the elements. It is most often waterproof so that the contents inside are protected from the elements. Garden storage could be used to store items such as:

  • Garden tools

  • Seeds

  • Potting supplies

  • Bicycles and helmets

  • Vulnerable plants

  • Overwintering plants

  • Camping equipment

  • Paint and DIY equipment

  • Garden toys

  • Garden ornaments

Garden storage not only protects the items inside the storage, but it helps to create a more tidy and decluttered aesthetic within the garden itself. One in eight British households don’t have a garden (one in five in London) so when you do have one, it is important to make the most of every inch, keeping anything you don’t need right now safely kept away in garden storage. 

A Question Of Security

Sometimes garden storage has to be more substantial than a tub or something similar because the items kept inside are more valuable than a few old garden pots. Garden tools like strimmers, lawnmowers and chainsaws are expensive, and keeping them in a flimsy old shed just isn’t going to cut the mustard when it comes to keeping thieves, pests and bad weather out. Maintaining your shed is key to maximising the storage you do have - repairing any holes or rotten wood, adding locks and covering over windows. However, if your neighbourhood is prone to break-ins it could be worth considering some local self storage in London (or nearby to you). A London self storage unit will keep your garden belongings safe so that you can use them as and when you need to, without having to worry about break-ins, in the meantime. 

Garden Storage For Aesthetics

Some people choose to have some garden storage for aesthetic purposes only. This is usually something like a bin cover, where an aesthetically unattractive wheelie bin goes behind a purpose built wooden cover so that the garden continues to look beautiful and those important items are still there to be used as and when you need them. You can make a bin cover yourself with handy DIY videos, usually for a pinch compared to ready-made versions on sale. 

Multi-Purpose Garden Storage 

When you have a compact garden it is smart to combine garden storage with other uses like seating. Lots of people have chosen to create or purchase garden tables and benches that can be lifted at the top, and that have a hollow space inside. That space can be used for blankets, picnic equipment, cushions - whatever you like. It’s the perfect way to utilise the space well. 

Seasonal Ease

If you have a lot of need for seasonal storage but not storage for the whole year, it is really challenging to know how to go about storing those seasonal items. You can’t just have lots of garden storage for half the year, but then you can’t just leave seasonal items out in the elements for half the year either. It’s quite the challenge to know what to do. 

Many people choose to use London self storage for this very purpose. It is flexible, affordable and perfect for items like garden furniture, summer toys and garden tools that are only used for half of the year. Camping gear and bikes are other items that commonly stay in garden storage for a lot of the year, and only come out when the weather is good. Cheap, flexible self storage can be a great solution for these items during the months they won’t get any use at all. 

Material Awareness

It is important that you use the right materials to create your garden storage. It can be tempting to use indoor plastic tubs as a temporary solution because they are waterproof. The problem is that these types of plastics degrade very quickly when exposed to the elements, and can break down and snap. This is not only an issue for all the items you are storing inside, but it is not particularly eco-friendly either to allow plastic to break down in nature. Try to use products specifically made to last outside, and with items like wood, treat them with eco-friendly, non-toxic products like beeswax to help them to be more water-resistant. 

Dopamine Storage

There is a term around at the moment called ‘dopamine dressing’, which is dressing in a way that makes you feel good. Lots of people are wearing very bright colours and more exciting patterns as part of this ‘movement’. There’s nothing to say that you can’t enjoy some dopamine garden storage to add to your own version of this movement! Why not paint your shed or wooden storage with beautiful bright colours, vivid patterns and even stunning natural decorations like living moss walls. Garden storage doesn’t have to be dull, and with the right design and patterns it can be just as exciting and beautiful as the flowers themselves. 

Why not speak to your local self storage facility today to find out more about storing garden items that are seasonal, or that simply take up too much space in your precious slice of the outside. Prices are affordable, contracts are flexible, spaces are available in any size - it could be exactly the answer you have been looking for, so you can enjoy a tidier outdoor space without having to worry about how to store your garden belongings. 

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