Gaming Future And Youtuber

Gaming Future And Youtuber

From Jett Fite

I am raising money for a gaming PC to record games and also stream.1,000$ will go to my mom for what all she did and the rest will go for my future and my youtube career. Some YouTubers had a boost and i want one too

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I will be using 1000$ of this money to other people in need and the rest will go to me and my family to better my future and help them with there's I want a computer to record videos stream and make people have fun and laugh I want people to be happier and get away from sadness by laughing. I also can have fun with some of my friends online. I want to record and someday be famous and live a good life and also help people to have a good life. If I end up being wealthy and having enough money I will donate to people who don't have the things I got to help there well being while also helping mine.

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