Gamestop Open New NFT Marketplace

Gamestop Open New NFT Marketplace

From Alina Parker

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NFTs are everywhere at the moment, and make for a great way to invest for those looking for something outside the traditional stock market framework. With Gamestop now entering the fray as a potential source of highly desirable NFTs with a focus on gamer-related NFTs, it’s time for the nerds, art-lovers, and gamers among us to take notice.

Want to know what you could get? How about hot new offerings from Alexander Black’s Book of Gates series, now available as an ultra-collectible NFT trading card series? All this- and more, as Gamestop are currently seeking new creators and collectors- could be yours. Let’s take a look.

Blockchain for Gamers is a Thing?

Gamestop is, of course, best known as a cornerstone of the video game industry. What you may not realize, however, is that they’ve also registered the GME token with the Ethereum blockchain, although they’ve yet to issue any. Anyone who’s familiar with Gamestop in the last few years, however, may better remember it as the little stock that could.

Angry with the long history of institutional investors shorting and manipulating stock, a group of finance-interested Redditors banded together to stop the artificial tumbling of Gamestops stock and reverse its fortune in early 2021, eventually leading to the formation of the now-notorious WallStreetBets Reddit group that’s well known throughout the crypto space.  

With the additional press time and attention, Gamestop have made the most of their reversal of fortune- and now they’re entering the crypto and blockchain space more officially. If the idea of gamers and NFTs uniting seems odd to you, it’s time to beat the stereotype- video games and related IPs offer a wealth of gorgeous content, from striking artwork to bewitching soundtracks, ripe and ready for conversion in the NFT space. If you’re smart, you could be one of the first on the hottest new NFT bandwagon.

LoopRing Rumors

For the last week we’ve also seen a ton of buzz around Gamestop and LoopRing, an Ethereum layer-2 solution and decentralized exchange. While they’ve yet to officially confirm these rumors, there’s been a ton of new source code, as well as some job listings, posted to Github that suggest we’ll see more formal news soon. Additionally, the company now has an exciting listing on their site appealing for NFT creators to register with their Gamestop NFT Marketplace.

The Book of Gates: THE Gamer-Relevant NFT to Watch Out For

Personally, given it too will be working with the Ethereum blockchain, we’re hoping to see one of the hottest new NFTs to hit the market list with the Gamestop platform- the Book of Gates.

Based on the stunning graphic novel by Alexander Black, already a beloved fixture of the graphic novel community, this unique collection of NFTs based on the trading game of the same name, offers 10,008 Character NFTs available to investors. It’s well poised to offer fantastic value to investors, alongside a truly gorgeous collection of art (we’ve seen the teasers), and this newly-minted NFT is set to drop shortly, with its initial whitelist offerings already up for grabs. 

Whether or not this one makes it to the Gamestop NFT market, it’s one of the hottest gamer-friendly NFTs to breach the market in recent months, and it’s well worth taking a look at. With over $23 billion in trading volume around NFTs, with over $2.4b of that happening in the last month alone, it’s a market packed with tremendous growth potential, and one well worth dabbling in. If you’re hoping to climb in on this one before it’s too late, stay up to date on release notes with their Twitter.

If you’ve been looking for a better, cleaner way to grow your money, have some fun, and collect some truly gorgeous pieces of art along with it, the gaming NFT market is the hot place to be. We hope we’ll see you at the Gamestop NFT market soon!

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