Gambling Superstitions You Might Not Know About

Gambling Superstitions You Might Not Know About

From Sohail Ahmad

Gambling and superstition often go hand in hand. This would not be unusual, especially since gambling is often considered as a game of chance and luck. As such, players would definitely want to try to get all the good...

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Gambling and superstition often go hand in hand. This would not be unusual, especially since gambling is often considered as a game of chance and luck. As such, players would definitely want to try to get all the good fortune that they can get. While there is no scientific proof that there are specific actions or situations that can sway purely random outcomes in your favour, many still stick by their regular rituals, regardless of whether they are playing in Las Vegas or at online casinos offered at

Here are just some examples of some interesting superstitions that you may not be familiar with but which are definitely done by members of the gambling community.

Numbers and Colours

In Chinese culture, numbers 3 and 8 hold special significance. In the same way that 7s are considered lucky in the Western World, 3 and especially 8 are held in high regard. Conversely, the number 4 is said to be unlucky as its pronunciation in Chinese is close to the word “death”. As such, most Asian buildings don’t have the 4th floor – at least in lifts, and Chinese guests normally do not want to stay either on the 4th floor or in a room with this unlucky number.

The colour red is also considered to be lucky. This is why many casinos have this colour as their theme. Many patrons also wear red, and wearing red underwear is also typically considered to bring you extremely good fortune.

Preferences and Rituals

Others forms of superstitions involve performing certain actions as gamblers believe that these would bring them luck on the tables. These include blowing on the dice or letting a beautiful lady blow or even roll them on your behalf. Others would also have lucky clothes that they would refuse even to wash, especially if they are on a winning streak. Yes, this may even include underwear.

Speaking of streaks, some gamblers will avoid going to the bathroom or washing their hands in order to continue their good fortune. Conversely, going to the bathroom is believed to be able to break a losing streak. 

One of the strangest pieces of superstition is that most gamblers do not like to enter through the main doors of the casino. This is due to the belief that the main doors were designed to give patrons bad luck. This holds especially true in the case of the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas where entering through the lavishly designed main gates would look like entering the mouth of a lion.

Gambling Don’ts for Best Luck

Some Asians also do not like to have sexual intercourse before gambling. This is due to the fact that they consider luck as a form of energy, and they do not want to waste their luck in bed when they can use all the good fortune that they have on slots or on casino tables. Some also do not check how much they have won or lost until they call it a night.

Whistling or crossing your arms and legs are considered rude at the gambling table, and it may bring you or even those around you bad luck. You should also try and avoid dogs and, while some cultures believe in the reverse, black cats as well. The sight of religious people on your way to the casino is also considered to be a bad omen.

For ladies, gambling on your period is definitely a big no, too. Other gambling don’ts include touching of other players’ shoulders and, in Chinese culture, mentioning books as it sounds very close to the word “lose” in their language.


Whether it may be as simple as bringing along a lucky rabbit’s foot or as complicated as taking a special route to the casino, it is pretty common for a gambler to have a specific superstition that they believe in and follow. While there’s no correlation to these actions to how you will fare when gambling, it does not hurt to be a little faithful to your beliefs. In fact, maybe sceptics can even pick up a thing or two from the items mentioned above if they want to try to turn their fortunes around or, at the very least, have a lucky charm or choose a ritual that they can bring along the next time they will gamble.

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