Gambia Labor Party

Gambia Labor Party

From Bakusa Dukureh

This fundraiser supports the presidential election campaign of Bakusa Dukureh of the Gambia Labor Party, a philanthropic group that has transitioned into a political party to incite systemic change across the Gambia.

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My name is Bakusa Dukureh, and I will be running for presidency in the Gambia in 2026. I have lived and worked in the United States for a good part of my life. Even though I have everything I need in this great country of yours, life would mean nothing to me if I continued to enjoy myself here while my people suffer out there. Over the last several years, I have become involved politically and socially with several ethnic groups in my country to make it a better place, forming a philanthropic group that has transitioned into a political party to incite systemic change across my country. 

Over recent years, I decided to go back home to the Gambia and commit myself to doing all the good I can to help the people. In doing so, I have brought together different people of all ethnicities and had a variety of interactions with them, gaining valuable perspective about their situation. The intention behind those interactions was to help them engage in something meaningful, perpetuate unity among them and, above all, push them into helping each other, especially those in need. And while I was doing that, I was able to convince a lot of them to join and work alongside me. As we progressed, we formed a movement through which we have done many good things ranging from social activities to philanthropic work. The movement provided groceries to people in need, distributed second-hand clothes and even dug boreholes for communities in need of water. By participating in these activities, we have had the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of the country.​

In all the areas we visited, we found that many of same problems affect the general population. They feel very insecure in almost every aspect of their life: food, access to water, electricity, housing, healthcare, and more. 

Meanwhile, while much of the population continues to suffer, many people in political positions are busy stealing state resources through corruption and illicit financial practices. Sadly, this is what has been happening since independence: our leaders have established systems to perpetuate themselves in power to the extent that governmental corruption and other related issues have become normalized. My people and I refuse to accept this.

Why should a few people enjoy while the rest of the population suffers? 

When you listen to the news every day, it's always one scandal after another. Government officials involving in major scandals and the president is doing nothing about it. All he does is to move people involved in corruption from one institution to another. For all of these reasons, we believe that only by participating in the decision-making process can we respond to the needs and aspirations of our people. 

We have worked very hard to form a new party called the Gambia Labor Party, made up of active citizens of The Gambia to incite institutional change across the country. With my connections and history of social work across the country, I will be leading our party and running for president of the Gambia in 2026. 

Like all grassroots political movements, we must rely on the help of external donors and media to extend our reach and gather the resources we need to change the country before, during, and after this election. On this fundly page, we plan to provide information you can follow along with as this campaign and the election develop. 

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