Gage’s Miracle

Gage’s Miracle

From Gage Durant

All funds are being used for physical therapy, medical expenses, car loss, and a psychiatrist. Anything raised above what’s needed will be donated back to the community.

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It was 7:53am, I was driving up Western Blvd on my way to work. For the first time there wasn’t much traffic, everything was flowing steady.  As I’m approaching western/varsity I get over into the right lane. The opposite sides light was still red, as I continue driving because the light is green for me, I get about half way under the light and that’s when I happen to look to my left side to see her speeding down the road cutting in front of a vehicle, making a hard left through the red light. She tries to speed past me and hits me driver side and sent me straight into a wall around 50/100ft away. Before the car made impact with me, time literally froze....I told myself out loud

 “so this is how I’m going to die”. 

I’m not crazy, But at the moment of impact when my door caved in and the front air bag got deployed and popped when it hit face,  everything went black and at that moment  I saw myself and my car outside of my body. I’m not religious at all but I heard a voice telling me that I was not ready, and I need to stay with my son. I literally saw myself go back into my body and that’s when I ran out of my car, saw my car at a wall and Around 10 people trying to calm me down. Asking me to sit down because I was spitting blood and was crushed between my door and dashboard, my car was completely totaled. Witnesses stayed behind and told the officers that she knowingly ran the red light even while I was clearly there and had the right of way. She never said anything to me at all, or asked anyone  if I was fine. I was made aware from the medics that she told them she was the one that needed to be looked at. I have bruising to my right femur, right knee, left elbow, left wrist, left rib, mouth , lower back and constant migraines. I was told by the officer, the medics and the doctor that I should of died on impact and that god was on my side. It didn’t just hurt me physically, I’m mentally in more pain then anything else. I saw myself die and accepted death.

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