Fusionhead Jazz Club HL2DM Server Fundraiser

Fusionhead Jazz Club HL2DM Server Fundraiser

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Fusionhead Jazz Club Hl2DM Deathmatch Server

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Dear Friends of Fusionhead Server,

For the most part, the Fusionhead HL2DM server has been free to anyone who wants to play on it for more than 12 Years!  

We offer a donation page for those who love playing on it and want to see the server be available for the next year and years to come.  I will keep it around as long as possible.  

Thank you for your decision to donate to the server. 

I released a map which was a remake of dm_altepa and have trained a few players who are interested in map making.  Even though this game is old, we are doing things to keep it fresh.  Nothing like new maps to give it that new car smell. :) We need map makers. Please consider donating with your time to learn to create maps.

Special thanks go out to the Fusionhead Admins who keep the server running well and free of bad people. Without the Admins, I would not be able to operate the server.  

The Admins are: 

  • edecarlo
  • 2Dogs
  • TheBorg
  • The Texas Hammer
  • Zealous Ivor"
  • Slow Moving Target"
  • Perkdog65[US Navy CPO Ret]
  • Poopypants
  • 12-fjh
  • Rippy
  • F.N.G.
  • i
  • Robocat
  • MyThor

Thank you!


Disclaimer: Due to conditions beyond my control such as but not limited to, Steam Updates that break the server, there is no guarantee that the server will remain available to play.  However, we've been able to keep it going for more than 13 years so far (Otis ran Fusionhead for a few of those years so big thank you to Otis!), chances are pretty good that we'll be able to continue as long as steam allows it.

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