Funds For Rocky's Teeth

Funds For Rocky's Teeth

From Tanya Schwalbe

I'm raising money for my dog Rocky's Oral Surgery. Rocky could really use any of your help to pay for this surgery. His front teeth are terribly rotten. We couldn't do this without you, and we deeply appreciate the help.

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My life with Rocky started 6 years ago. I went to the animal shelter in Frisco, CO looking for a cat. Instead I found an adorable little Rocky in a big cage all by himself. When I knelt down to connect with him, he came right up to the bars and started snuggling my fingers. I was IN LOVE! I went home and filled out the paperwork and came back to adopt him the next day. When I adopted him they said he was 1 year old, which was hard to believe since he already had a rotten tooth, and when you looked in his eyes he had the wisdom of an old being. It was obvious once we got home that he had trauma, from abuse that he had experienced. It took about a year of trust building and showering him with love till he was comfortable. I would do it all over again! The love and appreciation he shows me is more than worth it. Rocky's teeth have gotten worse in these last couple years. Now four of his front teeth are rotting into his gum tissue. I want him to live the best life he can, and bad tooth infections can spread to his blood which would affect his overall health greatly. After doing some research and calling around, I found a clinic in Colorado Springs named Animal Dental Care and Oral Surgery. They were kind, caring, and willing to talk with me in detail about Rocky's issues. I was nervous about Rocky going into surgery, and being under anesthesia. They were understanding and made me feel confident in the technicians and surgeons at their clinic. The quote for fixing his teeth is $2000. 

Rocky needs your help to pay for this surgery. Any amount helps, even a dollar.

 All prayers, good vibes, and healing thoughts are deeply appreciated. Thank you for caring about us.

Much love,

Tanya and Rocky

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