Funds for Foster Care

Funds for Foster Care

From Sasha Theder

I am raising money to help improve the foster care system. The money raised will be donated to a small group of organizations dedicated to helping youth in foster care: Peace4Kids, DCFS, Foster care to Success, and more.

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This campaign is to help the foster care system, which is a system that helps children who are unable to live with their parents because of neglect, being the most common, drug or alcohol abuse, abandonment,  parent incarceration or death, and more. After a child goes through a traumatic event, they are taken from their mom, parents, friends and family and moved into an unfamiliar home with strangers. Youth in foster care can be moved to new homes whenever their caregivers decide they don't want them anymore. Imagine not being able to live with your family, and then moving into a home, never knowing when you will be moved, or if the family cares for you; many youth develop trust issues, and PTSD. Yes, these children are being taken out of unsafe environments, but are put with strangers, and those could be abusive, or neglectful, and their lives have no certainty. 

My family has been involved in helping foster youth, and we have made many strong connections with the youth through volunteering, and hearing their stories has made us want to help even more. There are a few success stories, for example 2 brothers and their sister getting adopted by their caregiver soon after they were placed, and creating a new family, or a family of 4 brothers and a sister, 14, 10, 5, and 4 who have been in the same home with the same caregiver for 5 years, and have been kept together, and she has recently taken on the role of their legal guardian. However, there are also heartbreaking stories that make you wish you could do more to help. We formed a special connection with one family in particular; we met 2 young boys and found out they were recently placed in foster care because they were homeless, we saw them go from home to home, until they were put in an abusive home, we stepped in and have been fostering them since February, and hopefully they will reunited with their mother soon. Their older brother was not in the abusive home with them, and they have been separated from him, who took on a parenting role for them, for 7 months. 

These stories are avoidable... we can help improve the system, have more funding for the youth, and the caregivers to provide the youth with better experiences while they can't be with their biological parents. We could also have higher security and requirements to become a foster parent, and abusive situations should be avoidable. With the money we raise in this fundraiser, we can help to make a difference in the lives of the around 450,000 foster youth in America. The funds will be separated in between different organizations and programs that assist foster youth and caregivers in different aspects of the system. 

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