Funds For Dr. Brown

Funds For Dr. Brown

From Virginia Lazzu

We are raising money for Dr. Brown, falsely charged with crimes she did not commit. Money donated will be used to pay legal fees and help Brown with personal expenses.

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In December of 2015, Caring and Compassionate HealthCare Agency, a home care and staffing agency located in Worthington Minnesota was raided on behalf of a disgruntled employee who filed a whistleblower claim against the agency.  In 2017, Brown was charged with 14 counts of aiding and abetting a company she never  co-owned or own.

  It’s alleged that 1.8 million dollars of private duty nursing services were billed by Brown, never provided and Brown was co-owner of CCHCA and  identified herself as the owner and responsible biller for CCHCA with the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

 I was the staffing administrator for this organization during this time and know for a fact these allegations are false! An Assistant Attorney General and Medicaid Fraud investigator for the State of Minnesota have fabricated documents to mislead the public and courts. Furthermore, an employee from the Minnesota Department of Human Services Billing Department testify in court they don't know who billed what! They lost track!

Brown was doing an internship with this organization a company her mother owned and was never paid a penny for any work she done. Hours billed was according to what employees had on their time sheets, by employees other than Brown. I caught employees putting hours on their timesheets they never worked and brought this to Brown attention. When Brown confronted the employees, they got angry and retaliated.  

One of the six private duty nursing patients the assistant attorney general is claiming services were never provided for, was my son. My son has a seizure disorder and CCHCA provided both private duty nursing services and PCA services for my son, he had a nurse and PCA. I was never questioned!

The other Patients had nurses too. What’s worse, they are trying to convict Brown on bogus charges fabricated and want her to pay the State Back 1.8 million for a company she was never co-owner or owner, money that the company paid 60 employees for services provided. Everyone was paid except Brown!

Brown is a Women of color (Black) all other employees in the office were Caucasian the ones responsible for the time sheets. The only person charged was Brown, the women of color.   On top of this the investigator responsible for these bogus charges no longer works for the Medicaid Fraud Unit, he now works for the lawyers who are trying to win money on this fabricated whistle blowing claim against CCHCA……………interesting is it not????

Brown moved back to Michigan and finished her Doctorates Degree in Nursing. She provided care for patients from birth through the life span and treated pain patients for many legitimate conditions.  Due to the pending charges in Minnesota, Brown has been harassed by the Michigan State Police and a Pharmacist investigator for The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

On May 17, 2019 the Michigan State Police raided Browns office and home with excessive force. Brown parents’ home was also raided. Brown was dragged out of her house in handcuffs, officers threatened to kill her dogs, refused to show her the such warrant, destroyed her home and office, took 17,000 in cash………… never putting this money on a tabulation sheet!  When Brown was finally able to see the search warrant it never indicated she was a provider.

 The Narcotic Officers for the Michigan State Police, obtained a warrant deceiving   a 55 District Court Magistrate……… presenting Brown as a Drug Dealer, not as a primary care provider.  Brown nursing license has been suspended in Michigan.  The Michigan State Police have now fabricated 12 more charges against Brown and had the Daily Globe do an article about this incident in Worthington Minnesota, to in fact make Brown look like a true criminal!

Our personal opinion, this is a true hate crime and a severe case of harassment!  We are trying to raise money for legal fees and personal expenses for Brown. This has literally ruined her life. Whatever you can give will certainly help. We will keep you updated.



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