Funds For A Brighter Future

Funds For A Brighter Future

From Angelica Silver

So I’m struggling. I’m 20 years old and without a car and basic support. My parents refuse to help me, and I continue to struggle. Due to circumstances that are abusive, I am terrified for my safety and my health. Help!!

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Hey all, 

So I’m struggling. I’m 20 years old and without a car and basic support. I live in an apartment most of the time for 9 months out of the year and am forced to go back to my parent’s home otherwise. 

At my school, I work once a week as I take a full load of classes. I make roughly 80.00 a week. My apartment is paid for by my parents but at least once a week, I have to walk across the open campus (anyone can walk on) to the local stop and shop to get groceries at 9:30 at night as it’s the only time i have between advisor meetings, my job and my classes. It takes me 30 minutes to walk there and then walking back with a backpack full of groceries can take even longer. 

I need a car that can take me from point A to point B as I already have to walk or take Uber’s to meetings three times a week which can cost me nearly 60.00 a week. With this drain and groceries, I have no ability to get a vehicle. 

On top of this, I’m trying to apply to several universities including Boston University and even international. These applications will cost me upwards of 4,000 and I have no support from my family. For the tests and study materials I have to use to even be able to get into these schools, I’ve paid 565.00. 

If I get a car, I will be able to eliminate the 60.00 a week cost of uber. I will need to pay for a parking  space that is for two semesters. The cost will be 223.00. However, the cost of gas every other week plus the parking pass will be much less than uber ever will/ has been for me. I will only spend a max of 6,000 on a car and have found several either at or below that cost. 

I need insurance and according to the General Insurance Estimates for a car I’ve been looking at, my insurance will be 175.00 a month with a 200.00 down payment. I need this covered for at least 16 months while I finish school, which is 2800.00. 

Accessibility to a vehicle will get me out of my parents’ home where they’ve been tossing out or donating my things without telling me since I can’t move my items out alone. They refuse to help me and I continue to struggle to gather all  my things before they are gone. Due to circumstances that are abusive, I am terrified for my safety and my health. 

I fear I won’t be able to finish school without your help and that I won’t be able to excel like I want to in my future. Without basic support, my parents try to say that every moment is a teaching moment but the struggle that has been going on in my life is not only adding so much stress that my grades are being affected, but also affecting my mental health. 

All extra money from the car cost will be used for insurance or applications as I continue to try and better myself through my education and for my future.

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