Fundraising Tips For Cheer Squads!

Fundraising Tips For Cheer Squads!

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Every cheer squad will raise funds for all sorts of reasons, including needing new uniforms and raising money for all sorts of different charities. In many ways, cheerleading truly is all about giving back to communities.

We’ve partnered up with ARES Sportswear, a provider of cheap cheer uniforms columbus ohio, to support us in developing this list of fundraising tips that are great ideas for cheer squads everywhere.

So no matter what type of fundraising your squad is interested in doing, keep the following ideas in mind to make the most of your fundraising!

Concession Stands 

Sports and cheerleading go hand-in-hand, so there are opportunities to do fundraising at sporting events in a whole variety of ways. One part of stadiums that most people go to during a game is the concession stand, and this just so happens to be where people are expecting to spend money anyways.

There are many ways that you can raise funds at concessions stands, and you’ll be surprised by how many restaurants and other businesses may be interested in helping you do this type of fundraising for their own marketing purposes. There truly is an endless amount of options for cheer squads when it comes to fundraising via concession stands!

Cheer Raffles

Another good fundraising strategy for cheer squads is hosting raffles that help bring awareness to your team’s causes and charity efforts. What’s great about raffles is that the team can invest in some valuable packages via sponsors and really get people interested in participating.

The more tickets you sell, the more your fundraising efforts will improve. So make the grand prize worth raffling for!

Pop-Up Cheer Apparel Stores 

One thing that cheer squads have going for them is style, and many cheer teams will be surprised by just how much their apparel style will sell if they simply try to sell it! What’s great about these types of fundraising strategies is that your cheerleaders will undoubtedly be good salesmen for the apparel that they know well, so it offers a good opportunity to get your squad directly involved in the fundraising efforts.

Social Media Challenges

A lot of cheerleaders are on social media platforms, so this makes social media challenges a great opportunity to raise money and awareness about your special causes and initiatives. We all have seen many different types of social media challenges in the past, and with a little bit of creativity your cheer squad can also utilize this fundraising strategy.

You’ll likely need engagement from all of your athletes and parents to help get the ball rolling, but the better your challenge the more likely you’ll get more people to participate and donate money to your cause.

Reach Out To The Cheer Uniform Experts At ARES Sportswear To Learn More About Fundraising Ideas!

Cheerleading squads have tons of opportunities when it comes to fundraising, and standing up for a worthy cause is part of what being a cheer team is all about. Your squad has so much more influence in your local community than you may realize, and the only way to see just how much of an impact your team can make is to try something new and reach out to the people in your area.

You can learn more about cheer fundraising by speaking to the cheer apparel specialists at ARES Sportswear by going through the link to their cheerleading page at the top of the article!

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