Fundraising Strategies Using Technology: What Are the Best P

Fundraising Strategies Using Technology: What Are the Best P

From Muhammad Qasim Butt

Read this article to know fundraising strategies using technology that will surely engage new donors. You’ll find out some of the best practices today!

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Read this article to know fundraising strategies using technology that will surely engage new donors. You’ll find out some of the best practices today!

For a non-profit organization, looking for more numbers of donors could also be challenging. With that, it might help to refresh the traditional approach and consider strategies that will offer strong ROI and will engage new donors too. And the best way to achieve such goal is to consider the use of the latest technology.

These days, donations made online are becoming more and more popular and are made in various ways. One great example is the popular Amazon Smile wherein donations are made through purchasing their products. That’s one great strategy to use technology in every fundraising campaign.

So, here are some of the best practices for integrating technology in almost all aspects of fundraising campaigns:

Streamline the online donation process.

Of course, updating the online donation process could help a lot. It is important to let everyone experience a very critical juncture. With that, if the site offers information and collects donations, you have to walk through the online donation process.

Every step matters! You have to consider that donors might lose interest or might be turned off at a particular step, so make sure that your site has the best to offer. The donation form is the most critical step in every process. It is the one that separates a possible supporter from a committed donor. That’s why you should always consider the use of technology to strengthen your donation form.

Online donation forms should be intuitive, efficient and flexible.

Utilize innovative donation tools to boost the intake.

Innovative technologies, as well as donation services, could offer a permanent inbuilt donation boost through augmenting any donation revenue that you take in. Matching gifts seem to be a great example of innovative resources which can help an organization to create a strong financial bedrock needed for sustained growth.

A great financial tool is innovative and might offer new resources along with the ability to boost your donations. At the same time, it could also allow the donors to enjoy that the gift is impactful.

Consider networked fundraising campaigns.

The organization might already be familiar with some of the new online campaigns, but you could be unaware of how easy these campaigns could be conducted.

For non-profit organizations, a broad network is precious. The more people connected, the larger the chance of donors and supporters. But with technology, this has been taken a step further.

Crowdfunding, as well as peer-to-peer fundraising tools, will let you tap into your network, the donors, and even the friends of the donors in endless ways. You can gain huge advantages out of using digital network tools in running an online fundraising campaign.

Cultivate the digital brand and influence.

Branding has become a prerequisite factor for success for businesses, groups, organizations and most individuals these days. With that, there are some digital tools in order to refine the brand and boost the online influence like cultivating a thoughtful and responsive social media presence on many platforms or broadcast live video feeds presenting your announcements and events.

Indeed, branding is a vital element to build relationships with supporters and donors online. Besides, cultivating a strong brand along with online authority in the field could influence a lot during your online fundraising campaigns.

Look for tools that will support the culture of transparency.

Both transparency and communication must be prioritized in the internal culture of the organization. And there are some ways on how to cultivate the growth of the said attitudes within the non-profit organization by implementing some innovative data technology to the decision making processes and operations.

Some of the effective management, database and software technologies which could help you prioritize transparency include comprehensive CRM systems, member management systems and leading prospect development resources.

You should look for the latest developments in the non-profit technology world once the organization is ready for an upgrade. Strong CRM systems could offer all the needed features to keep the data collection and decision making both transparent and useful.

Bear in mind that new strategies with the use of technology are not meant to replace the traditional principles of non-profit fundraising. However, they are considered to boost and augment fundraising once thoughtfully applied and adapted to the specific goals of the organization.

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