Fundraising Ideas For a Local Sports Club

Fundraising Ideas For a Local Sports Club

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Sports Clubs are a great way to bring the community together and keep everybody active and healthy. Unfortunately, keeping a sports club going can be a costly business, which means there might need to be some good fundraising efforts in order to make sure your club can continue to thrive. There are plenty of great assets that sports clubs have that can be put to good use when it comes to fundraising. So, this is our guide to making sure you exploit your strengths and keep your sports club going.

Hold a Sports Day

Even though many of us won't admit it, we all have a competitive streak. Think back to any team-building days you've been on, or even to the sports days of your youth, if you thought you could win, then you tried your hardest to make it happen. Harness that competitive streak and put it to good money-making use by holding a sports day. You can go for any races you'd like, sack racing, three-legged racing, egg and spoon, you name it. Make sure that everyone who wants to enter pays a small fee, like a dollar or two and give awards as prizes. You can pick up awards for as little as fifty cents, so if ten people enter a race at a dollar each, you could've made $9.50 from just one event. Fill up a schedule for the afternoon and get members of the team to set up refreshment stands and you could be raking in hundreds of dollars from just one sports day.

Hold a Poker Tournament

One of the benefits of hosting a fundraiser for a local sports club is that you usually have some space to practice that sport. Teams with a hall can utilize this space in a variety of ways, but holding a poker tournament is one that really draws the crowds in. Plus, this fundraising idea works well regardless of the weather, so you can sports day all summer and poker in winter instead. Operate in a similar method to the sports day, by asking people to buy-in for a certain amount and giving out either awards, or small cash prizes to the ultimate winners. If you want to get a head start on the competition then getting in a little practice online first is a good way to do this. There are plenty of sites to choose from but this 888poker review mentions some generous bonuses that could help your play money stretch a little further.

Host a Sports Viewing Party

If you're raising money for a sports club then the chances are your team are big sporting fans. Whenever there's a major event coming up, like the Super Bowl or the Kentucky Derby, hold a screening. You can charge people a couple of dollars for a ticket and borrow a projector to show the event. You can make your earnings go even further by providing refreshments and sending around a money tray driving donations during halftime or any interludes. Getting the team together to support the professionals is not only a great fundraising idea, it can build comradery too.

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