Back operation for composer & coach Mehanna/ Funding

Back operation for composer & coach Mehanna/ Funding

From Jad Mehanna

Dear Loyal Fans, Subscribers and Followers of My music services , my music page, my youtube piano channel, and my Stress coaching page , i need to have my back operation done in armenia, plz read details below

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Update #1

7 days ago

Thank you everyone for your love and compassion. I m sending you love , gratitude and may the lord bless you.
I appreciate sharing the campaign with your friends . Blessings

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for Arabic readers  / lil kira2a fi 2al lougha 2al3arabya

Dear Fans, followers, site subscribers, likers

I have thought a lot before asking for a fundraise for my URGENT back operation.  (surgery)

i was shy at first, but living in Lebanon, loosing our money to the banks, a country where bankruptcy, chaos, mafia ruling it, made it impossible for me to pay for my own surgery.

our Lebanese pound lost 10 time its value against the dollar

I guess I will dare to ask you for a small help each if you can

this was the main reason that I wasn't posting videos on my Free YouTube channel  (teaching piano songs and techniques) my back pain was intolerable and I couldn't stand or sit anymore


since I was 20 years old, My orthopedist DR Petrosian saved me

from having 3 disk operation (after a weight lifting incident) which took a year of my life enduring pain and suffering, but because he and I believe in alternative and natural medicine ;

I managed to escape this operation where they had to remove 3 hernia and put a metal to fuse the bones together which can made me half paralyzed

thank god I was much better since 21 years old , almost working and living naturally

but since I turned 41(last year) I had another incident (2020) I fell from the stair hitting the same area again

it's been 7-8 months of hell, suffering and torture. we tried our best but now there is no escape from doing the operation , but My DR (Petrosyan) immigrated to Armenia since a year after Lebanon bankruptcy and revolution.

i cannot trust another DR performing this surgery on me !!

luckily only 1 disk (hernia) is damaged, not the other 2

and in Armenia where he works, there is a specialized hospital where they perform  ultra sophisticated surgery with minimal side effects

he was my dr since I was 20 years old. saved me from immoral doctors who wanted to paralyze me. 

now that I am 42 years old, 

I WILL NOT handle my case to another DR

Hence I must travel to Armenia, perform surgery asap.

I cannot sit or stand for long time

that is why I wasn't doing lot of videos of piano tutorials lately

many were asking me to put more videos, I wish I could

also I wasn't posting many videos for stress coaching

for those who knows my coaching page and my site

you can all check my fb page above, I am the only coach in Lebanon with all humility that created more than 150-200 videos for free to teach people about reducing severe stress, anxiety, depression and many other topics about life

my main site is

thank God all my life , I worked hard, studied on my expenses, self accomplished person (in music and Coaching others)

I never used any help from anyone

but I guess there is no shame in asking you with all humility and gratefulness, that I need to raise 3500$ so I can pay my ticket, stay 15 days in Armenia, and come back

in Lebanon the insurance doesn't cover the fee. (all is chaotic) 

plus most of the decent hospitals wanted fresh dollar (in Lebanon we use that term to say they need the payment in DOLLAR, and Lebanon is bankrupt)

because now we have 3 exchange price for our dollar/pound ratio

1500LL 3900LL 13000LL 

so 3500$ is equal to 40 000$ abroad!

but if i receive help through this link , they will go to my international credit card, therefore i will be able to travel and pay all expenses.

but in return I think most of you are used to my generosity and I will wholeheartedly offer :

-for each donation of 35$ you will receive my piano program tutorial (30 videos) and notation. instead of 80$

watch the video

for the one who wish to receive my book on amazon you can donate 35$  (how to break the stress cycle) + you will get (the anti stress manual)  in Arabic and English + 2 musical albums (stress away) and (la riviere du ciel)

for each 200$ you will receive 2 months (12 lessons of piano with me personally) normally at 400$ 

starting august.

for each 300$ you will receive 6 coaching session for helping you to heal from life issues, stress, anxiety , depression, spiritual guidance 

(starting august)

once you donate I will receive your email  and you will receive a receipt, 

feel free also to email me at 

you can whatsapp me 0096171928805 showing me the receipt and i will email you back the product the paid for

I will know exactly what you donated for ,depending on the number 

and I will reply to you, and you will received either my piano program or books and albums, or piano registration teaching online or coaching consultations

even for those who wishes to help less than 30$ you will receive my 2 albums 

if only 100 person donated 30$ for my piano program, the fund will be collected, you can check your self when the campaign will be completed

if only few persons register for my piano program or coaching program I will be able to fund my operation.

on purpose I decided to put the fund of my music followers, and coaching in the same place (one fundraising campaign) for integrity, transparency.

 I know Lebanese living in Lebanon are barely able to support cause I know the situation ...I live here

but if you have relative abroad who can donate on your behalf , you will receive the requested products, I will email them to you.

i sincerely wish to collect that amount  before 22 23 June so i can prepare my trip and operation in Armenia, i must stay there and rest for 15 days before I can walk and sit normally

in order for me to get back on my feet and continue sharing with you piano videos, music pieces, advices video for life and stress coaching

i appreciate sharing the link with other who can benefit from my services and products and can help.

Love you all , whether you can share or not, 

i simply wish to remove my pain which is excruciating and becoming an obstacle to live a normal life! 

god bless you all!

sincerely yours

Jad Mhanna

00961 71 928805

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Jad Mehanna posted a new update:
7 days ago

Update #1

Thank you everyone for your love and compassion. I m sending you love , gratitude and may the lord bless you.
I appreciate sharing the campaign with your friends . Blessings

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