Funding for the SECC refugee school in Malaysia

Funding for the SECC refugee school in Malaysia


I am Hyunbae Kim, 17 years old student from South Korea and I am currently living in Malaysia.

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I have been volunteering at SECC refugee school for the past 2 years or so and I do this because I love helping refugees and I've lead community projects to help refugees all my life.

About SECC

SECC refugee school, is a refugee school about 40 students which consist of refugees from Myanmar, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

The school is run by 2 NGO volunteers. The school is a non-profit, Non-governmental organization that relies on generous donations from ordinary people to keep running.

This refugee school is located in a remote area with no funding from the UN or other organizations. it is a sad fact that most families send the older child to work instead of supporting their education. This is why we must provide quality education and create trust in our school so they continue to support their children's education, funding is desperately needed to help educate and support refugee children to pursue a promising future

Surviving in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The SECC school is special as it caters to refugees in slums of Malaysia(slums of Malaysia where the poorest of the refugees live), and in the middle of this pandemic, they are their best to keep the organization running because they did not receive help from the government. During COVID19, the government is extremely strict about refugees. I saw barbed wires around refugee homes to prevent them from leaving.

For learning-teaching matters, We are currently teaching kids online due to COVID19 (I am also a volunteer teacher online). I have also made an SECC youtube channel. I complied with educational videos me and my brother made during COVID to teach the students online. The students range from kindergarten to primary.

Here is the learning youtube channel for them I made:

I am a dedicated volunteer at the refugee school I am raising the funds for. The people who run this refugee school are not very good with technology so I do a lot of technological things for them. I have been volunteering at this refugee school for the past 2 years or so, I do this because I love helping refugees and I've lead community projects to help refugees all my life

Usage of the Funds

The funding of this will 100% go to helping refugees attending the SECC refugee school. In terms of their education quality (hiring teachers, educational materials such as books, interactive games, maintaining the school bus (refugees cannot afford transportation) and also improve their wellbeing and health (provide food-rice/eggs-and any other ways to help (if let's say one father of a student gets severely sick, to pay medical fees).

Help us maintain SECC for the better future of the refugee children

One of my biggest goals is to have the kids I teach in this refugee school stick with their education, go to university, and break the poverty cycle in their families.

Please consider donating any amounts or simply just share it with friends and family members.

Thank you so much and God bless!

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