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This fundraiser is to help make more of these 3D Printed dogs, and/or other animals/things I decide to print out. We need your help to make this possible because it does quickly become very costly to run this project.

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This is my project FundaMentalPrinting. During the pandemic I started a project to bring a little more joy to those in a hard time. Not necessarily at the time those in the hospital. If there were children, young adults, or anyone I felt would benefit from receiving a small gesture of kindness I gave it to them.

I started by purchasing a 3D Printer and the necessary upgrades for it to run smoothly. Normally this would run about 350 USD. I started by printing out little 3D Printed Dogs in low quantities. One dog originally took 3 hours to print, and used more filament than I wanted it to use. We now have 1 dog taking roughly 1 hour 17 minutes, using less filament, and a just as nice result. My first 100 dogs are gone. They were a hit I guess I could say in a way.

So now I’m working with hospitals to bring the project to them. I’m in contact also with a few different childhood cancer foundations to see if we could help them as well. Many of these foundations make things such as the famous JoyJars (by the Jessie Rees Foundation), and they give it out to children in the hospital. One of our goals is to have our 3D Printed projects whether we change off of dogs or not to be a part of those Jars or something similar.

Right now every dog costs about 19 cents to print out. Due to COVID-19 the hospitals and organizations we are working plans out with are requesting everything to be sanitized with higher level cleaners. This causes the price of every dog to go from 19 cents to about 30 cents each.

In order to reduce the costs of printing and sanitizing and to keep a carbon neutral minimum plastic environment. We ship cleaning supplies from Groves Collaborative. Groves Collaborative is a carbon neutral company, which works to offset the damage to the environment. They are also 100% plastic neutral, as they work to recycle plastic bound to the ocean. They are also working with the Beyond Plastic movement so by 2025 they will be completely plastic free.

Everything printed is printed with a thermoplastic polymer called Polylactide (PLA). However, we wouldn’t call it plastic. PLA is 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. In fact it isn’t plastic as you would assume. PLA comes from the starch of plants such as corn, sugar cane and sugar beet. Due to this it is very sustainable, and renewable. 

Unfortunately we don’t live in a time where being environmentally friendly makes things cheaper. In fact if I was to instead use heavy chemicals for cleaning (through Amazon or the local store), used ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene a petroleum-based, non-biodegradable plastic that is inherently more toxic plastic than PLA) instead of PLA, and have done no essential upgrades to the printer. The price of every dog would go from around 30 cents each to 20 cents each.

So if you're able to help it means a lot. No matter the amount all proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards this project, and nothing else.


Tai Dunn

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