Fund To Train Christmas & Muffin

Fund To Train Christmas & Muffin

From Vish Sagen

We are fundraising for our dogs. The money will be used to train our dogs in obedience and behavior. Looking forward to manifesting this wish.

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Christmas & Muffin 

This is our story.  For years we wanted dogs.  Amma did not approve.  Simply because she had no idea how these beautiful creatures can be part of our daily lives.  

Nana too was not keen as to how we could possibly share our home space and of course, he warned us about all the additional responsibilities that come with this mission.  Nevertheless, they were both open to anything comes our way.  

Amma found a viral post on a Whatsapp group for puppy adoption and quickly shared it with us all.  We waited no further to make an appointment and meet up with the owner.  We vividly remember how excited we were all especially Preetika.  It was she, who persistently enquired about the possibility of us having a pet dog.  

Actually, she took care of many cats that come to our yard freely, and from what I observed she just loves animals per se.  Along with her, I mooted the idea to have dogs around or at least to start with one first.  It was all timely.  

The minute we saw Christmas, an all-white female puppy our hearts gave way and we were more than happy to bring her home.  She was left behind the fact she was female.  We were thrilled, for she is just too beautiful to look into gender and we care less for life is life as Amma always points out.  

It was too beautiful and we still remember how she became slowly a part of our life.  Not an easy journey surely for all to adapt to the additional responsibilities that came along but Amma and Nana supported every milestone together.  

One year later we felt, Preetika and I, that it wouldn't harm to adopt another and Christmas could have play buddy.  Timely again Amma found another posting on FB for stray adoption from an NGO.  Once again, got all geared up to welcome another.  Muffin almost died from sickness when we first brought her home.  

We all prayed she to recover and expected a miracle to unfold.  She is quite a strong spirit and bounced back wonderfully.   

Together, these 3 years in total we have learned quite a handful of lessons on life and beyond seeing them as our pets we grew to include them and matured to see the life throbbing inside of them.  

It would be utterly wrong for us to claim ownership and refer as our pets because these are just another life in another form and we chose to include them in our life journey.  We see them as a possibility one day to unfold Preetika's dream to adopt as many and provide shelter with love, care, and training.  

For now, this is a start, and Preetika and I would like to train these furry buddies and garner the experience of our greater mission.  We are thrilled and excited to hear from all of you and look forward to much love.

Truly, Kavish Sagen Rao

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