Help Replace My Stolen Drum Setup

Help Replace My Stolen Drum Setup

From Jesse-Lee Yarbrough

Thank you for visiting my page :) I recently had a lot of musical equipment stolen :( Because of this I can't take gigs at the moment... Donate to help me get a new set, with cymbals and mics :)

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So Why am I doing this???

The first thing that I'll say is that I'm an arrogant person... I have a really hard time asking for help.  I'm used to being able to accomplish things on my own.

That being said, because of my current state in life, I'm having to humble myself and actually ask for help...

Let me explain:

Those of you who know me know that I create a lot of content for musicians and specifically drummers.  Unfortunately, recently I had my car stolen.  As of yet, it has not been recovered... and if it actually turns up, my hunch is that the musical equipment inside of it will definitely be gone.

As far as finances go, the car is fine.  It was paid off, and my insurance company has helped me get that taken care off...

What wasn't covered on the policy was the stuff INSIDE the car, i.e. my musical equipment.

The conundrum that I'm facing is that, as a drummer, I cannot take paying gigs due to the loss.... however, to get a new drum set I'd need to be able to play paying gigs.

Do you see my dilemma?

I do have a day job, so not all is lost.  Eventually I'd be able to save up to replace the kit... but if I had the help of the fans who have supported me so fervently so far (I'm talking to you instagrammers) I'd be able to get back to business much faster.

That being the case, please consider donating.  It would make my day :)

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