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From Alec, Camille, Piper, and Antonio

Team Family First of the Benjamin School's Main Street Philanthropy program is committed to providing families with the resources they need to become strong and successful.

Alec, Camille, Piper, and Antonio

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How is it fair that many (far too many) families in the world don't have the resources to enjoy a family dinner at least once a week, send their children to school, or even sleep in a safe place? The answer is simple: it's not. Every family should have the foundation to form a strong bond and positively impact the community. We, team Family First, have learned about the things that we can do to change this. The members of the team, Piper, Camille, Antonio and Alec have been discussing the importance of philanthropy and the impact a simple donation can have on the community at large. In addition, we have been learning about the do's and don'ts in donating, and have become well aware of what qualities a responsible non profit organization must have to be most benifitted by philanthropic impact. We have also had the pleasure of meeting the executives of several organizations, who informed us of the importance of their organizations to themselves, and to the community. At the close of the program, team Family First will select one of these organizations to receive our donation that will best serve families in south Florida. However, we cannot present this donation to a well deserving organization without help from you. We hope this message finds you well, and that you share our desire to strengthen family bonds to the levels of our own.

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