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Rehab South Africa has a range of stress management offerings to suit every need and budget. Some of these treatments include cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy and family therapy. Many people choose these treatments as they help them to cope with stress. Others may find them more helpful for overcoming addiction. If you're seeking help with stress and addiction, Cape Town has many options. The United Recovery Project in Cape Town, for example, has a number of stress management clinics that offer services to clients suffering from mental health issues. If you're looking for a psychologist in Cape Town, there are many options available.

Shelton Kartun

Shelton Kartun is a holistic health coach who believes in identifying the root cause of a problem rather than suppressing it with drugs. He is based in Cape Town and is the founder of The Anger and Stress Management Centre, which offers a range of holistic treatments to help people overcome their problems. Shelton is a keen yoga practitioner and enjoys a healthy lifestyle, as well as practicing acupuncture.

Addiction psychologists in Cape Town

Addiction psychologists in Cape Town provide psychological care for patients with substance use disorders. Their training focuses on substance abuse screening, substance use disorder treatment and recovery. The researchers conducted 15 semi-structured interviews in English and isiXhosa, with each interview recorded verbatim and transcribed into NVivo 12. The participants' responses were coded and analyzed using thematic analysis. Three primary themes emerged. One was the stigma that patients experience in their communities, which may be a factor in their decision to seek care.

Addiction psychologists in Cape Town offer a variety of treatment options, from psychiatric counseling to individual and family therapy. The goal of a treatment program is to treat the whole person, not just a symptom of addiction. The treatment process can range from a brief intake to a detailed assessment. Various treatment options are available, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Addiction psychologists in Cape Town can help people cope with difficult situations or resolve conflict. They can also help people improve their communication and emotional well-being. Their goal is to help patients achieve personal growth by increasing self-awareness and optimizing daily functioning. They also specialize in treating people with substance abuse issues.

There are numerous specialists in the field. According to the SAMRC, there are 87 substance use disorder treatment centers in South Africa. The SACENDU report shows that around 9000 patients have received treatment and an average of 9% of referrals are from employers. Despite these statistics, stigma and discrimination still surround people with SUDs. They are often viewed as lazy, lacking willpower or are not capable of success.

Dr. Ross has a background in addiction and public health policy. Prior to working in Cape Town, he worked as a psychiatrist and clinical manager for therapeutic units at the University of Cape Town. He also supervised trainees and facilitated accredited programs. He then went on to establish a private practice at the Akeso Kenilworth Clinic. His special interests include addiction psychiatry, as well as recovery outcomes programs.

Addiction psychologists in Cape Town have a number of credentials. Dr. Lisa Dannatt, for example, is a consultant psychiatrist at Groote Schuur Hospital. She also manages the addictions psychiatry outpatients' clinic. She completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Witwatersand in 2004, and her postgraduate training in the field of psychiatry at Stellenbosch University. She is a member of the South African Addictions Medicine Society's Executive Committee.

Treatment for stress

Stress management can be a vital part of substance abuse treatment. Stress is a common cause of addiction and, if it is treated, can reduce cravings and triggers. This will allow a person to get the most out of their treatment and avoid relapse.

There are a number of treatment options available in Cape Town. These include counseling and psychotherapy. You can also access support groups and educational materials at these clinics. In-house psychologists and therapists can also help you get the treatment you need. This type of care is available at many of the rehabhelper clinics in Cape Town.

United Recovery Project rehabs in Cape Town

United Recovery Project rehabs in Cape Town the best rehab cape town has multiple program offerings for clients. These programs are specifically designed for those who are looking for a solution to their problems. Josh Murphy, a recovery coach and public health specialist, has been living in South Africa since 2010. His background is in health systems implementation research and HIV/TB. He has a BA from Tufts University and an MA from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. He has also been awarded a Fogarty Global Health Training Fellowship by the NIH. He has co-authored peer-reviewed articles published in the Journal of Globalization and Health, Tropical Medicine & International Health, and PLOS One.

Stress management is an important part of addiction treatment. It can help you avoid relapse by decreasing cravings and triggers. The better you can manage your stress, the more likely you are to stay sober and avoid relapsing. Finding a center that offers stress management services is vital to your recovery.

Group therapy

Group therapy is a great way to help people deal with their problems in a safe environment. It allows participants to be open about their problems and accept responsibility for their own behavior. This approach usually results in a person's personal growth. The benefits of group therapy are numerous.

The Cape Town area has several treatment facilities that can help people cope with stress. Several of these clinics also offer psychiatric services such as therapy and counselling. They also provide support groups and educational resources. While many of these clinics are for-profit, others are government-run or partially-funded.

Group therapy is a great way to work with pent-up emotions and find healing and hope. It can also help people explore existential issues and build self-reliance. Various types of group therapy are available, and it is important to choose one that is right for you.

Group therapy takes a more holistic approach to therapy, because it involves multiple practitioners. During the sessions, members of the group work together with a therapist who provides ongoing support and guidance. Some groups focus on developing concrete skills, while others focus more on gaining insight and exploring new perspectives.

Family therapy

Family therapy is an integral part of the rehabilitation process. The counselor will encourage family members to use their imaginations to develop solutions to the problem. This will enhance hope for change and emphasize the benefits of change. This type of therapy can also involve physical exercise and creative activities. Depending on the needs of the family, alternative therapy may also be an option.

Using family therapy as part of the recovery process can accelerate the recovery process of an individual and their family. It will also help the family unit support the addict's recovery process. This makes it the perfect refuge for anyone struggling with an addiction. Rehabhelper Cape Town has been a leading provider of this type of treatment in South Africa for more than twenty years.

Family therapy at rehabhelper Cape Town is conducted through a specialized therapist who can help your family unit heal together. The process involves interacting with the client and family members in an environment free of blame or shame. During family therapy, the client and family members will work to resolve locked issues that have gotten in the way of their recovery. Unlike individual therapy, family therapy is not about addressing individual issues but instead addressing the problems that have accumulated over time.

Psychologists will also help you cope with difficult situations and improve your communication skills. Ultimately, psychologists aim to improve self-awareness and everyday functioning. They will also help you to deal with conflict and resolve disputes. The goal is to help you reach your full potential. This will lead to a more positive and fulfilling life.

Family involvement in treatment helps to promote the recovery process and make the entire family unit stronger and healthier. Family-based SUD interventions help clients overcome relapse by addressing the issues that are causing substance use. These interventions will also strengthen family communication and foster the relationship between the client and their family.

Free time in rehab

While in rehab, free time is important to keep you active and engaged. You can spend this time doing your favorite things or learning new ones. You can go for walks, do yoga, or write in a journal. While some people enjoy physical activity, others prefer to spend their free time reading and writing. Others even enjoy daydreaming.

Free time can also be used to get work done. Many rehab facilities offer organized activities for patients. You can join book clubs, gardening groups, or art galleries. These activities will keep you active and help you make new friends. They can also help you plan your life after rehab. This will make you feel productive and capable of tackling tasks you may not have been able to do while high.

After therapy sessions, you can spend your free time reading, writing in a journal, or meeting a friend for a walk on campus. You can also hit the gym or play games. Mealtime is another great time to be active. The meals are nutritious and focused on healing. Your loved ones can visit you and spend quality time with you.

Residential rehab programs usually offer a free time in the afternoons. Some programs have games or a swimming pool. Other facilities offer reading and journaling time. Some programs also include spiritual or religious activities, which can help addicts find peace and well-being in a new environment. You may also find a program that encourages you to be active and do things you enjoy.

Rehab can be a miserable and uncomfortable experience. However, it does not have to be. Free time is important for recovering addicts. It's a good time to reconnect with friends and family and find a new hobby. It can be easy to feel bored and want to indulge in old habits when you're by yourself.

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