Fuel Up Legends - Food/Fuel Campaign

Fuel Up Legends - Food/Fuel Campaign

From Ibe Sodawalla

Support Legends by donating a meal or fuel for our 2013 DCI Open Class Tour.

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Legends is heading into the DCI Open Class Tour on July 27-August 10 where we will give 9 performances and travel 2500 miles over 14 days.  As we come into this stretch, I am seeking your support to help "Fuel Up Legends."  80 youth performers, plus 20 staff and volunteers will be with us during this stretch and it takes a large amount of food and fuel to keep this performing unit strong and ready to entertain.  Costs continue to rise and we can use your support as we go into this last couple of weeks this season.  Consider contributing some miles to get our fleet down the road, bread or PB/J for the day, perhaps a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack, or even take care of helping our fuel/food operation for the day.

Join us in helping to “Fuel Up Legends” and know that your contribution continues to impact the lives of young people in their pursuit of excellence.

All you have to do is choose a donation level and you’ll officially be a part of the team that will “Fuel Up Legends!”

Thank you for your support and together we can make a difference.


Ibe Sodawalla, Executive Director/CEO

Legends Performing Arts Association is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible.


"My experience with Legends has shaped my life in a huge way.  Through my years in the organization I have learned how to not only be a better musician, but a better human as well."

"As a young high school student, Legends is what got me into music.  Being a relatively awkward kid, it was the first place I felt like I really fit in and began to grow into a musician, but more importantly, as a person." 

"It is difficult to say how much I have been influenced by Legends, as it has become so much of who I am today.  I have grown as a musician, leader, and all-around person because of Legends, and I know I will continue to utilize skills and lessons learned in my five years throughout my entire life."


Through our programs, Legends aspires for students to learn that to truly be successful, one must first meet their own standards and the toughest judge one will ever encounter is themselves. Legends will provide an environment in which it is safe to take risks, try new things and experience amazing breakthroughs. Legends will help a student to excel and exceed their expectations and limitations. Students will learn that what they are capable of is so much more than they had ever realized. Legends will help students set and achieve goals, working on their own and with others. Legends will help students set new standards for themselves that will last a lifetime, and they will find this is where they will discover who they really are. Students will come away from their experiences at Legends more mature, motivated and self-confident, and with new, life-long friends.

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