BIOPC Sustainable Farm to Fuel Food Insecurity Food Gap!

BIOPC Sustainable Farm to Fuel Food Insecurity Food Gap!

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To save our home and pour back into the community. Our mission is to create a sustainable farm to directly support local food banks to combat rising food insecurity as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

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Update #4

over 1 year ago

A new t-shirt design is now available to support this campaign!

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“An 11-minute flight to space was just auctioned for $28 million,” as reported by the NPR  by Avie Schneider. For those who are extra concise with numbers, when it comes to money—"That works out to $2.545 million per minute. Or $42,424 per second.” 

Now, granted, I am not trying to accomplish this huge feat in history--such as flying to space. However, what I am aiming for is to make a big difference in small and intentional ways.

Now, you might be wondering how does this connect to my full circle moment, I had, upon reading this article--an auctioneer purchasing a seat for a ride of a lifetime, a flight to space? 

Absolutely nothing and yet everything.

While I have no place or agency in this 'first in flying to space war,' I do have a passion for giving back and choosing actively to have agency and/or an active role in outreach to help meet the needs within the local communities.

With that said, I have no desire to leave planet earth on a spaceship or otherwise. All I desire is to contribute my life to making the earth we have been blessed with a better place for future generations to come.

As a woman of faith--it is with the heavy conviction that God has placed on my heart to be a good steward of the resources that He has blessed us with, sowing seeds and being a blessing unto others.

Whether you are spiritual or not, I feel like we can all relate to having a call or purpose in our life and that amazing feeling that comes with finding and living out that purpose, for the greater good. 

Although, perhaps maybe, it's because I am an INFJ on the Meyer's Bring on the Meyer's Brigg and for me this seems naturally ingrained within me. Although, I am really really hoping that humanity is not that far gone.

I believe that there are still good people, with good hearts. I truly believe this with my whole heart because I have been on the receiving end of that goodness (along with my now, nine-year old son included).

You see, the narrative I had been told my entire life was that I was nothing more than a statistic--doomed to fail. I was a multiracial kid (Panamanian and Black) born to a single mom of three children. Let's make the odds, less in my favor, by adding that mother moved to the United States when she was just sixteen years old.

I was determined with all my might to prove my peers from class and others wrong. I was more than a statistic. So, I joined the military when I was seventeen (my summer, junior year in high school) and set out to be the first person in my family to obtain a college degree, and by the grace of God, I did.

However, my path was not linear by any means, and I had to choose to show up daily in the arena, marred daily by inconvenient challenges, and give it my best fight.

I married young into an unfaithful and emotionally abusive marriage. I had met my ex-husband on my tour to Iraq in 2010, who would only leave us a week after his first birthday.

Me, now a single mom, I still choose to have the tenacity and grit to make it a point to break generational curses for my son, David. Without bogging you with every hardship that came our way--including having to stay in a domestic violence homeless shelter--I do, indeed, have an earned college degree (graduate schooling as well) and successfully run my own wedding photography business after working a few years in higher education. (Please note, I do volunteer my time and services for nonprofit events as well.)

In my experience, God has been good and faithful to us--through these good people, He has placed in our lives along the way. These good people have allowed for the space and growth for that to happen. (which I am humbly grateful for.) 

Now, it's my hope and desire to give others in a season of struggle and hardship a fighting chance--much like the one I had been given. Especially, in this season where the effects of COVID19 have caused food insecurity to rise and an untenable housing market.

My vision is to come along side-by-side other local organizations and meet the rising food insecurity a result of the coronavirus pandemic on a micro level. My hope is in bridging the gap where families need assistance, but somehow fell through the cracks. I guess that is the part of the military mentality ingrained in me still, leave no man left behind.

I was giving the opportunity and (a very small window) to save our home "The Grey" (the name giving by the original property owners because the name of the road that it sits on) which sits on 7.6 acres from builders/developers who would only add to the inventory of houses that fall well over the 500k mark in an area where the housing disparity is glaring and the result of reeling and housing discrimination.

Our mission is to create an organic sustainable farm that directly supports local food banks to provide additional support to combat food security at a micro-level. This mission statement aims to make a big impact in a micro way, including reaching families who have fallen through the system of not being able to qualify for aid by a very small marginal window.

How your donation will help: This campaign is seeking 1,000,000 in emergency support so that we can stay in our home and not be sold out from underneath ($515K) and for preservation of the 7.6 acres as an on going effort in land conversancy within Davidson, NC. This is a huge endeavor and saving our property and home your financial donations will go directly to upstart the organic sustainable farm, equipment, and resources needed.  Additionally, to the required workers that will be needed to see this mission to fruition.  This is a huge endeavor, but I believe with our plan and tenacity it will happen. We just need the funding to help get us there. 

We will be applying for 501c3 Status (nonprofit).

Will our farm be organic? Yes, and regenerative

"Regenerative agriculture refers to a practice in farming and land use that aims to improve or restore the overall health of the soil, thereby increasing the soil's capacity to sustain production and provide environmental benefits."

What is sustainable agriculture?

"[A] integrated system of plant and animal production practices with site-specific applications that over long term sustains economic stability, enhances environmental quality, efficiently utilizes resources, and produces benefits to society while providing food and water.

How will you collaborate with local Food Banks?

To start off we will be working with four local food banks to help support their mission. A separate endeavor will consist of preparing, packing, and delivering food meals to families in need within the local community.

What food will you actually be growing?



-Squash and Zucchini


-Sweet Potato 

-Lettuce (variety)


-green onions





-Fruit Bearing Tree (still researching best option for location and soil)

***We will be looking to grow and expand on the type of variety of vegetables we will grow. Please note: vegetables will be grown in season and in rotation***

Quick Food Insecurity Stats (Applied within the United States):

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Deleted User posted a new update:
over 1 year ago

Update #4

A new t-shirt design is now available to support this campaign!

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Deleted User posted a new update:
over 1 year ago

Update #3

Our first round of fundraising for t-shirts has been successful! We are creating a new one, with a continuous ongoing effort that is longer than this last campaign! Will post when we have that up in running. Additionally, stay tuned for a website where updates can be found as well!

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Update #2

"Food is a gift! It's a gift of nature, because there would be nothing for us to eat if nature didn't supply us with soil, nutrients, and water to grow food. Without water, there would be no food, vegetation, animals, or human life. [...} Where would we be without food and water? We simply wouldn't be her. None of our family or friends would be here either. We wouldn't have this day, or any tomorrow. But here we are on this beautiful planet together, living life with its challenges and ecstatic joys, because of nature's gift of food and water. {...} By the law of the attraction, and Newton's law of action and reaction, the action of mass gratitude must produce an equal mass reaction, which would change the circumstances scarcity of food and water for everyone on the planet." -Rhonda Byrne

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over 1 year ago

Update #1

Other ways to support The Grey & Food Insecurity Food Gap!

Bonfire T-Shirt Campaign:

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