Fuel Our Journey to Inspire thru Art - Tiny House, Big Heart

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Fuel Our Journey to Inspire thru Art - Tiny House, Big Heart

From Megan Bloom

Your support means more than fuel in our tank - it supports animal sanctuaries, conservation causes & a continuing a journey of creativity, inspiration & wonder with our traveling wooden tiny house/art studio on wheels.

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Embark on an extraordinary journey with us, a mother-daughter duo, best friends, and co-artists, as we travel from the Pacific Northwest to the Southwest with our traveling wooden tiny house. With over 10,000 miles already behind us, our home on wheels is more than just a dwelling - it's a vessel of creativity, inspiration, and adventure.

Our mission extends beyond travel; it's about sharing wonder, supporting animal sanctuaries, contributing to conservation causes, and bringing our unique art to communities that need it. 

But to continue this journey, to keep spreading joy and creativity, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Join us as we navigate weather changes, rising living expenses, and fuel costs. Your support means more than just fuel in our tank - it means continuing a journey of creativity, inspiration, and wonder. It means bringing art to people and places that need it, and it means making a difference, one mile, one art piece, and one heart at a time.

We Need Help Paying for FUEL

One of the biggest challenges we face on our journey is covering the cost of fuel. Our tiny house is our home, our art studio, and our vehicle all in one. It allows us to travel, to share our art, and to support causes we care about. But it also requires fuel. As we traverse from the Northwest to the Southwest, the miles add up, and so do the fuel costs. Your contribution can help us keep the wheels of our wooden wonder turning. Every gallon of fuel brings us closer to our next destination, our next art show, our next opportunity to make a difference.

Your support means we can continue our journey, continue sharing our art, and continue spreading joy and wonder. So please, consider donating to help fuel our journey. Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.

Why the Southwest?

On a deep, personal level, our hearts and spirits feel a compelling call to the Southwest. This region, with its awe-inspiring landscapes resonates with us in a way that's hard to put into words. It's as if the vibrant hues of the desert sunset, the majestic silhouettes of the mountains, and the rich tapestry of cultures are calling us, drawing us in. We feel a profound connection to this land, and we believe that our art - inspired by nature and wildlife - can make a meaningful impact here. The Southwest also offers us the opportunity to support local animal sanctuaries and contribute to conservation causes, aligning with our mission and values. But this journey is not just about what we can bring to the Southwest, but also about what the Southwest can bring to us - inspiration, growth, and a deeper connection to the world around us. The lower cost of living once we get there will be really helpful too. Your support can help us answer this call, follow our hearts, and bring our art-filled tiny house to the Southwest.


Gifts of Gratitude

As a token of our gratitude, we have some special gifts for our supporters.

~ For anyone who donates $25 or more, we will send you a postcard from one of the awe-inspiring places we visit in the Southwest. These postcards will give you a glimpse into the incredible landscapes that inspire our art and our journey.

~ And for those who donate $75 or more, we have something extra special! You will receive one of our hand-sculpted, one-of-a-kind nature & wildlife inspired indoor hanging ornament sculptures. These unique pieces are a reflection of our journey and our commitment to nature and wildlife conservation.

These gifts are our way of saying thank you and allowing you to have a piece of this incredible journey in your own home.


Learn more about our art at www.RainbowOrcaDesigns.com

Learn more about our finding wonder adventures with our traveling tiny house on wheels and watch our diverse collection of inspiring video episode adventures at www.SeaTreeWonder.com

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