From Control to Choice

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From Control to Choice: Seeking Support for My Daughter's Freedom

I've been unjustly labeled the antagonist for a choice as simple and nurturing as wanting to be a stay-at-home mom. Now, I find myself trapped, unable to rescue my child from a harmful family dynamic.

My journey began with the SUDDEN dissolution of my marriage amidst what should have been a celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary, my world crumbled. A toast to our future was cut short when my husband confessed his love for another. The subsequent divorce was a harrowing battle. My parents depleted their savings fighting for custody against his wish to raise our children with his new partner. He flaunted her presence even before the ink dried on the divorce papers, parading her around as a supposed supergirl at our kids' events. The aftermath of the divorce was agonizing. Legal battles drained my family's savings as I fought for custody, witnessing my children pulled into a turbulent environment, manipulated by wealth and power. Now, I'm struggling, disabled and unable to secure stable work.

He maliciously tainted my reputation within the community, causing my children to lose friends in a bid for custody. But his victory was hollow, leaving the kids torn away from their familiar lives when he sold our home and moved an hour away to be with his new girlfriend and her toddler. I am left penniless, fighting for my child's freedom, unable to break the chains of control. Your support isn't just a donation; it's a chance for my daughter to escape abuse and regain control over her life. Your kindness could be the beacon of hope we so desperately need to break free.

If you can help please DM me! I have a lot of skills and am willing to work, if you need any Virtual Assistant tasks DM me! God Bless and TIA!

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