Friends of Malcom Fundraiser: "100% in 100 Days!"

Friends of Malcom Fundraiser: "100% in 100 Days!"

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Friends of Malcom 2015/16 Fundraising campaign “100% in 100 Days!” Our hope: 100% of Malcom parents will make a donation within the 1st 100 days of school. FOM would like to complete fundraising efforts by March 2016.

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What is a Direct Drive?

The Direct Drive is a fundraiser in which 100% of your tax deductible donation is received and directly supports the Friends of Malcom Foundation.  This is the most effective method for raising the funds needed for the Resident Support Teacher program.  Only Friends of Malcom can hire the Resident Support Teachers. The PTA is not allowed to pay for salaries.

What is the Donation Request Per Family?

Friends of Malcom asks for a yearly donation of $200 per family.  This amount ensures Friends of Malcom to reach our goal.  However, any dollar amount donated directly helps us reach our goal.  Every dollar matters!

Who operates the Friends of Malcom Foundation?

John Malcom Elementary is fortunate enough to have three volunteer parents Chair the Foundation.  Kelly Korbonski (events and communication), Kim Hvozda (communication), and Karen Fox (treasurer), and Sheila Berry (events).  These amazing parents run the  foundation using their own personal time. 

Why does Friends of Malcom raise money for John Malcom Elementary?

Friends of Malcom is unique to our area.  John Malcom Elementary believes more support in the classroom makes a better learning environment for our children.  The part-time teachers work with a grade level assisting the teachers in many different areas of need.  

How does Friends of Malcom raise the funds?

The parents of Malcom scholars realize that we have something unique in our school and have worked hard to maintain our high quality of education and programming through private donations.  Also, the Friends of Malcom foundation applies for community grants and hosts fundraising events. 

How can I donate? 

There are two methods of donations.  Online at or by making a check payable to CUSDF/FOM and deliver to your teacher.

Donations can be made yearly, quarterly, or monthly.  Friends of Malcom goal is to make it flexible for everyone to accommodate schedules and budgets of all our families.

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