Friends of Kirk

Friends of Kirk

From Allison Zapata

Kirk Speigel is a self-employed musician living in Southern New Jersey. Just before Memorial Day, complaining of difficulty breathing, he was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm.

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He was admitted to Cooper University Hospital's ER, but because of the severity of his case, he was transferred by medivac to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. His condition was grave and he was placed in a medically induced coma to try to stabilize it. In the middle of the night when he was quite close to death and could have gone either way, his brother gave the ok for the doctors to remove the aneurysm. The doctors had to replace a 4-5" section of his aorta. Kirk was left extremely weak from the surgery, spending a total of 3 weeks in the ICU, a week in a step-down room, and about 10 days in a rehabilitation center, before finally returning home. As part of the surgery, they had to stop his heart for several minutes, which led to necrosis of his extremities. At the beginning of November, his right foot, the toes on his left foot, and the fingertips on his right hand will have to be amputated. The doctors have been waiting until then in order to make sure that Kirk will be strong enough to survive the surgery. Kirk's main instrument is piano and losing the fingertips on his right hand will obviously have an impact on his ability to perform and earn a living. In addition, he will have mobility issues caused by the amputation of his right foot and toes on his left foot. He has had very little income coming in since before Memorial Day and on top of that, he has to find a new apartment in the next 4 weeks because his landlord just sold the house that he's been living in. We're holding a benefit fundraising concert on November 7th at Jamison's in Pemberton, NJ from 1-8, but we realize that not everyone will be able to make it and many people would like to donate directly to Kirk to help with his living and medical expenses. That's the purpose of this gofundme account and why we are seeking donations here. We hope that fellow musicians, music lovers, and friends of Kirk will rise to the occasion and support Kirk, just as he would gladly do for any of us.

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