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We have updated the page. Please read, donate any amount you can and share! Thank you

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The Wrongful Conviction of Mike DeLoe

On November 25 of 2007, Mike was falsely accused of molesting a 5 year old child. Facts of the case are as follows:

1 person was there the entire 26 hours that the child was in Mikes care. It was reported that no one was there.

A Visa statement proves others traveled approx. 30 miles there  and went to dinner with Mike, his girlfriend, children, parents and brothers.  

5 Witnesses were in the apartment in that 26 hour period in which one never left at all.

A hospital report shows nothing at all in their report, no trauma, no signs of abuse at all but could not be ruled in or out due to the allegation.

The DNA testing that was done came back "Not a match" to Mike DeLoe. It stated that sperm was found on the outside of underwear that did not match Mike . In addition, Mike had a vasectomy five years prior and does not produce sperm.

Jurors were permitted to eat next to the alleged victim and family in the same restaurant, one table away from them. An immediate mistrial was filed and denied.

Mike's constitutional right to testify was violated as he wanted to testify, relayed this several times to trial attorney who stated "I have nothing prepared to ask you." Judge Moschetta Bell also never asked Mike if he wanted to waive his right to testify either.

Several entities have concluded through review of the transcripts that Mike is an innocent man. Those entities are the students at the Tampa Bay School of Law who at the time were under the direction of Kim Schnurbush, PhD, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice .

The Northwestern School of Law under John Maki also determined his innocence however, not having counsel in Pennsylvania, they could not take his case but felt that the trial attorney should be disbarred for his complete failure to represent his client correctly.

The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice has determined his innocence and is directly helping his case with assistance of attorneys from New York, as well as attending hearings, guest speaker at the annual Pennsylvania Freedom March for the Wrongfully Convicted and visiting with Mike in prison.

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project reviewed his case and since the DNA was brought up in trial,although not presented correctly, it cannot exonerate him and new evidence must be presented.

His current counsel is confident in his case being won in the Federal Courts but must hire experts, Child Physiologists, etc., things that should of been done from the onset that trial attorney failed to do.  Therefore, we must come up with the funds to help the new attorneys hire the experts needed to show his innocence.  

Please note that the trial attorney completely failed our son and his case having never done a criminal case or jury trial in his life and not informing the family of this fact until 2 days prior to the 4 day trial beginning.  

We are now asking for each of you to help with any amount possible so we can hire the experts and attorneys needed to bring justice to Mike.  Help us to free an innocent man.  Thank you!

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MaryAnn Lubas posted a new update:
about 2 years ago

Update #1

We have updated the page. Please read, donate any amount you can and share! Thank you

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