Free me from FRO court injustice

Free me from FRO court injustice

From David Bobiash

My curse was I did the right thing. While married: I believed I had cancer. She received 100 percent of all asset in lieu of support of any kind. A 33 year disgrace on Canada.

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Frozen alive in time; by the corruption of doing the right thing.

The story can be viewed in brief at: Separation Agreement.htm

To watch my son have seizures, knowing that there is no way to drive him to the hospital.  3 times; he died before me.  Twice I gave him CPR.  Once; a hospital used the paddles, then injected him, and then used the paddles again to resuscitate him.

Why have I been looked down upon by everyone?  I did the right thing.  When I separated: I gave my ex-wife 100 percent of all assets and all equity.  She had never worked.  I'd worked incredibly hard my entire life from when I was 12.

I thought I had cancer and that's why she received $26,000.00 at a time when houses still sold for $30,000.00 and $40,000.00.

But 335 days after we had last been a couple: even though 3 separate lawyers were used to execute the terms of: and the financial terms of our legal Separation Agreement, she had already hid the money in a family members bank account.

The she applied for welfare or social assistance.

She was told she had to check the box giving social services authorization to collect money from me for spousal support: or; she would not receive any money.

She checked that box, and for myself: hell began.

7 more lawyer's families got paid thousands of dollars each.  $5,600.00 for the last one I hired.  Who assaulted me in the court with the court judge knowing what he was doing when he spoke with me in private, before re-entering the courtroom and further destroying my life.

Now; I turned 66 and applied for my old age pension.  They are now telling me to pay (again) or spend 180 days in jail.

I've been frozen alive in this hell.  No person would pay for a house the second time because a court refuses to recognize the deed signed by lawyers less than a year ago.

So: there you have it.  I've made public the accounts of an innocent man's life being intentionally destroyed, and with malice, for over half my life time.

What did the court injustice cost me?

EVERYTHING:my livelihoodmy relationshipsmy relationships with my childrenmy relationships with my grandchildrenmy youthfulnessmy drivemy sex drivemy driving privilegesrespect from otherseverything and more than I have time left in my life to detail.

Merry Christmas?Just another day in my frozen hell.No family dinnerNo ChildrenNo GrandchildrenNo photos and memories.

You view tragedies of grand televised display.George FlloydThe Aboriginal Children's deathsEven the flood of southern British Columbia.

They all had great televised images.  Some stuck in the minds of some for awhile.

But those tragedies; were short lived.

This has imprisoned me for over 33 years: and unfortunately for myself: when decades ago, I was diagnosed with 9 malignant melanoma cancerous tumors: I was told that I'm one rare lucky survivor.  Lucky?  Bull crap.

They won't sentence me to death.  They just want to keep punishing me for being the kind of man that everyone should be.  If everyone had my integrity and respect: then we would never need a judge, nor a lawyer, nor a courtroom.

Thanks for reading this.

Nothing can ever give what was taken, nor repair the eternal damages to my dream of having and raising a family.

All anyone can do: is fight injustice.  Because when injustice is held accountable; then everyone wins.

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