For Heart Sake. Help us keep Savannah Healthy.

For Heart Sake. Help us keep Savannah Healthy.

From Timothy King

With your donation, you will be helping communities have access to nutritious food, free fitness programs and supportive schools. Donate - someone's health depends on it.

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In Savannah, like most communities around the globe, poverty has infected the communities. When poverty strikes it appears in many forms and impacts many people. In Savannah it has impacted literacy and graduation rates among our youth; it has impacted access to nutrition among families; it has increased crime among our inner city; and it has increased chronic disease among our communities, even worst our families. 

A group of public health experts have a created an organization in response to the epidemic. The organization, For Heart Sake, is comprised of four targeted programs all addressing a social barrier that plays a major role in the sharp influx of chronic illness that infesting our communities and spreading as fast the income gap in America.

Funds raised will ensure our 4 targeted programs can provide service to the communities and in the communities who need it most, for 4 more months. Our programs:

  • Healthy Starts: Our school based wellness program
  • Hearty Meals: Our food access program
  • Community Health Club: Our lifestyle program
  • Heartsaver: Our CPR program

We have the passion and commitment to confront the ongoing barriers and crises stemming from the infestation of poverty through our programs. We volunteer our time and energy. We need financial assistance to ensure our educational  messages are communicated to targeted markets and our targeted programs are offered to the most needing communities. 

As the income gap continues to grow budgets are tightened and decisions made. The decisions are often made uneducated and based on convenience, familiarity and lack. We have made it our business to educate, advocate and enable.

As volunteer staff we work all aspects of this campaign, from group training and meal planning to book fundraisers and literacy programs. We do it because we cause care and a donation from you would show that you care too.

If you can't give money, give time; there are other ways you can help our preventive health campaigns.

Join our cyber campaign's Take action online.  Add our social pages and share our educational post.

Say NO to junk food!                                                                                          Every time you EAT you are feeding disease or fighting it. 

Join our Volunteer efforts!                                                                                       Go to event calendar on Facebook, Sign Up, Invite Others,  Come Out, Lend A Hand.

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