Memory Lane Tv - Television for People Living with Dementia

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Memory Lane Tv - Television for People Living with Dementia

From Memory Lane TV

An Interactive and Multi-Sensory Media Collection for people living with dementia & their care partners. A non-pharmaceutical approach, inducing relaxation, stress reduction and respite.

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Memory Lane is the first Multi-sensory platform, custom made and targeted for people affected by Alzheimer and dementia. Our films are used by care partners and family members at home and by in institutions around the world. They have been elaborated by a team of geriatric physicians, dementia specialists, Art therapists, psychologists and film producers to offer a unique solution to address the symptoms of the disease.

Solidarity and compassion are the key components in this battle plan against dementia! Leave a meaningful legacy or honor someone by allowing us to continue our mission.

Enhancing the quality of life for people living with Dementia, while allowing caregivers and family members less stress, and more flexibility to work, run errands and practice self-care, is our mission and goal. We do not solve the Alzheimer’s burden, we offer a necessary respite to the emotional and physical exhaustion associated with the disease.

Memory Lane is a series of 1,000 plot-ree films assembled in 26 minutes sessions, a new form of interactive therapy part of the new trend in mind/body medicine.   

It uses the power of multimedia to alleviate the living conditions of patients affected by dementia and their caregivers and improve their quality of life through a reminiscence and multisensory therapeutic intervention.

The films are projected all day long and give the patient new temporal references. There is no narration, no voice-over, just ambient sound and/or relaxing music. Memory Lane Media reduce anxiety levels and contribute to the healing process by creating an environment conducive to relaxation. Scene selection, order, music, chronotherapy, allows alleviating the sundowning syndrom, dementia’s anxiety.

Contrary to ordinary programming this collection of films does not provide a storyline. The patient is entranced by rhythm in time and acquiescence to a peaceful place sequence shots are accompanied by ambient sounds of nature, original musical compositions, or merely pure silence.

Archival images and music from the era of the patients can be used to engage viewers and to recall memory. 

Music therapy has been used to alleviate stress for Alzheimer's and its power in many clinical studies over the past decades. Oliver Sacks described the impact of music reminiscence in the 70's and gave birth to a science called Mnemotherapy.

Dementia is a decline in cognitive performance, some of the more common forms of dementia include Alzheimer’s disease. Memory is one of the cerebral functions affected.

Cognitive stimulation is an essential component of the well being of patients programs are NOT adapted to dementia and are not handicap accessible.

Memory Lane films reduce anxiety levels and contribute to the healing process by creating an environment conducive to relaxation. By projecting different sessions at different moments of the day, we create new temporal references that help the patient and the caregivers.

This campaign will allow us  to implement Memory Lane in 1,000 nursing homes via online streaming platform such as Apple Tv, Roku, Amazon Firesticks. The platform is already up and running at 

  • 100 % of your contribution will serve the patients and caregivers. Every dollar raised will be used to offer sessions to patients and caregivers, wherever they are on the planet.
  • The funds raised will be exclusively used to implement our research and the production of the Memory Lane film collection.

If you can not contribute with a donation, there are other ways, please consider  sharing this campaign on your social media 

By supporting our cause, you can help people living with Alzheimer’s disease and offer them relief in their daily life.

Thank you in advance for your support. 

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