For Your Health and Our Existence

For Your Health and Our Existence

From Jianqing Wu

I seek donation to start up Healthier World. Funds will be used for pioneering research to correct flawed medicine and to develop a new health science for your health, your family health, and our survival.

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I am Jianqing Wu, Ph.D. I have spent two-decade spare time and five-year full time on researches to find a new path to finding cures for chronic diseases. I have proved deep flaws in the foundation of medicine and discovered routine fluctuations in the immune functional capabilities (the DANCING of the immune functional capability). Those findings together with others have the effect of refuting medicine as long as it concerns CHRONIC DISEASES and PERSONAL HEALTH. My findings also imply that all existing research programs offer NO chance (zero) to yield predictable cures. I also found that there is no realistic way to reform this deeply flawed medical system. Thus, societies must seek a NEW path to better fighting pandemics like COVID-19, cancer, heart diseases, AIDS, etc.

When you read this campaign, open your mind please because my findings will affect your health, cures that you need, your family health, all people, all species, and the planet. When the mission is so important, you should give me a chance to prove so as to give yourself a chance, and all species a chance. If you agree with my findings, you should think how to fix, and you just cannot wait for another century seeing only repeated failure. Even if you really do not like my discoveries, you owe yourself a duty to understand massive untold risks of synthetic drugs, which were NEVER part of medicines under every medical system for entirely early human history. You will never understand drug REAL risks until you understand the deep flaws in clinical trials, the magic effects of flawed research methods in concealing latent side effects, and disappointing findings of drugs in a large number of long-term studies.


To accomplish the biggest mission in the human history, I come up with a plan to start up Healthier World for conducting pioneering researches. Without receiving one penny from any public source, I have done researches for almost six years on cancer, heart diseases, COVID-19, AIDS, with an intent to explore cures for other challenging diseases.

 When the medical system is run and controlled by money, it will choose to ruin patient health and our future. Based on my experiences,  I found:

1. When the players in medical system have vested interest, none will even think about my discoveries. My thousands of email invitations did not get a single response from people in medicine.

2. None of leading medical Journals will review and publish my articles because my articles would refute nearly all of their articles in the same journals.

3. No publisher will accept my books because my discoveries invalidate theories and practices of books they publish for their favorable authors.

4. I have applied grants more than ten times, but never won yet. I found that most "winning" researches focus on drugs to optimize profits, and must follow flawed medical research models and wrong disease theories. 

4. State and federal government will not support this kind of pioneering research because laws and regulations have recognized only the flawed medicine.  When this flawed medicine has become key elements in the medical legal framework,  governments will never give my researches, mankind, trillion of wildlife, and the planet a chance. 

5. People have been influenced by flawed medicine for centuries. Thus, most people will not do the least thinking but blindly trust the deeply flawed, money-driven drug-based junk medicine.

6. While my discoveries are predicted to find a completely new approach to conquering chronic diseases, they are not what venture capitalists will invest. A venture might have funded a large number of medical companies that are just to further treatment profits but not cures.

So what is reality for your future and human future?

Medicine continues on the track even though it has failed to save at least 30 million global premature deaths from incurable diseases in each year. Due to the flaws, the medical system produces massive synthetic drugs for "managing symptoms". It will soon consume $6 trillion medical spending. Due to all flaws, medicine is the biggest threat to public health, your health, and your family health. It is in some way responsible for rapid extinction of species and functional extinction of mankind. Lack of cures is an indisputable fact but the wide spread drugs-caused injuries is just an concealed reality. The true benefit-side effect ratios of drugs are twisted, untold, misleading everyone.... 

Given I have found those problems, I cannot give up. Since my cause is for you, your family, and all human beings, I have to bag you to provide fund to help me to find a new path for chronic diseases. For donors of at least $100,  I will send you book books: Failure of Medicine and Health Optimization Engineering. Those two books are specially made and signed as evidence showing that you are part of this biggest movement to solve the biggest problem to change the fate of mankind. 

If you have any doubt about my determination to find cures, you can search and find our articles on cancer, COVID-19, longevity, immune functional dynamic, medical publishers, federal agencies, etc. I have done intensive researches in the last six years without receiving one penny from public sources. Our disclosed research articles and our draft books are the testament to our passionate and tireless commitment to this cause that none could attempt. Our researches are challenging everything Governments, foundations, none-profit organizations, and drug companies support. Forcing society to accept our multiple disease causes model is an absolute requirement for preventing the massive toxic substances from wiping out all species in our planet. Humans should have been included as an endangered species a long time ago.


My cause will have immediate beneficial impacts on you, your family, all people, and will have widespread long impacts on the U.S., all nations, all species, and the planet.

Our findings reveal that people run their immune systems at fractions (often from 20% to 80%) of available immune functional capacities. The immune functional capacities for a person can be shown in the following diagram:

The dancing of immune functional capacities in a person.

Some immune functional capabilities (denoted by line P) are lost permanently with age, cellular damages and organ damages. A big part (denoted by line T) of the capabilities are lost due to temporary effects of a large number of immune suppressive factors. I estimate that the person could increase the real time immune capacity by many folds. This discovery suddenly cracks the secrets why diseases can resolve or not resolve.

More detailed explanation is provided in the campaign video (I could not make a good video, sorry).

Our researches discoveries, and disease treatment models are expected to provide a better way of fighting challenging diseases. Based on a large number of published studies by leading research groups, correct lifestyle can prevent 90% of cases in cancer, heart diseases, AIDS, and COVID-19. By further improving personal immune capability, we hope that their research findings can be used to actually benefit all people.

Fix Flaws in Medicine. We have proved that all key presumptions in medical research and treatment models are deeply flawed. Based on tens of thousands of post-1980 studies, multiple disease causes model is the Law of Human Health. Thus, we found nearly all diseases theories formulated before 1980 cannot be correct or seriously flawed. In addition, we also found that an inherent conflict of interest and current funding model preclude all researches that could find predictable cures. Our findings explain why medical treatments could not cure chronic diseases for centuries. Some problems are discussed in Background in Appendix.

Reject Toxicity Independent Action Model. This model is routinely used to assess chemical/drug toxicity effects. By relying on this wrong model, the researches routinely find that each toxic substance is safe for being within the legally permissible daily limit. Such research findings have misled societies into believing that we can keep ingesting hundreds to thousands of toxic substances as long as each is within its permissible or imagined safe limit. However, species are rapidly extinct from the planet and public health has deteriorated rapidly. Cancer changed from a very rare disease to one that would strike half of the human population in the U.S. with the first diagnostic age shifting from seventies to thirties, and even to teens newborns. The difficulty to contain COVID-19 can be attributed to the combination effects of massive immune suppressants in our bodies, the excessive stress, and frequently torturing climates.

Rescue mission for mankind. If we carefully examine the population health half a century before, we can reasonably project future disasters will strike our children and grand children. Troubling signs have been seen among our pets, fish, birds, bares, wildlife, etc. They all suffer from chronic diseases of our making. Diseases such as cancer, mental diseases, infertility, AIDS, sudden deaths, etc. can strike anyone at increasingly younger ages. Now, each person is loaded with hundreds to thousands of toxic substances such as carcinogens, neurotoxins, immune suppressants. etc, which jointly attack all vital organs and tissue cells. The high load of toxic substances is the reason for the extinction of a large number of species. Chemicals in seas and oceans will disperse to every corner of the world and poison the young generations. After certain point, no human being with existent gene types can live his life with enjoyment. We cannot pretend to see nothing, wish we thrived with massive loads of toxic substances, or wish medicine solved the problem. The foundational mistake in medical research model is responsible for creating this "toxic planet". The first thing we must do is to correct this fatal flaw and find new ways of addressing chronic diseases.


Public health is rapidly deteriorating for three reasons: hundreds to thousands of toxic substances attack all of us, most people live in excessive high stress, and our climates torment our lives. Those factors, plus overwhelming personal fault physical activities, can cripple their immune systems. Very little can be done in medicine. We all know that chronic diseases cannot be cured by synthetic drugs. We have proved this conclusion from nearly ten different theories such as multiple factors disease causes theory, mind-body interaction theory, biological pathways network theory, evolution theory, etc. This is why medicine has failed to find predictable cures. No drug can cure diseases IF the person is under attacks of hundreds to thousands of disease agents.

Our chance to survive in this planet is life skills. "NOTHING CAN BE DONE" for a terminal disease is false. We must seek a new path to restoring the immune systems. It can improve health and extend life. Our optimization model is magnitudes more powerful than a treatment of using a single factor.

At this point, no funding agency supports my pioneering researches (no peer can review my grant application). Massive our researches, reflected in our books and disclosed research articles, are conducted without receiving one penny support form any source. Our grant applications were rejected, repeatedly rejected because controlling persons in medicine refuse to accept truth and because medical publishers influenced by interest groups suppress our research articles. I started knowing the problem in 2001, but could prove the flaws in the earliest time. This is because massive factual findings had not been published. The other problem is that I could not got any support, and thus my research findings could not have altered the fates of millions of people in the world. You cannot count on federal government and private funding foundations because the flawed medical research and treatment models have found their ways to laws, regulations, culture, personal belief, and medical practice. As a result of sophisticated advocacy works of interest groups, medical system has been constrained by federal and state laws, administrative regulations, company rules, personal beliefs, and culture belief. Such a system cannot be reformed; and there is no chance to reform. If you choose to wait, you will see much worst health crisis in front of you. You have to count on your own wisdom for your own health. With your support, I hope to expand our research program to cover more than 30 major diseases and all rare diseases. Saving lives will make you feel good and make you healthier.


I cannot provide perks on this platform. If you contribute more than $100, I will send you unique books. One is “Failure of Medicine” which will present the most robust proof why medicine fails and will fail forever. This book content is never seen in any other books. I will prove the flaw in dozen of ways and explore the massively concealed dangers of synthetic drugs. A second book is "Health Optimization Engineering" which is used to support health. This book essentially swaps the merits between old medicines and JUNK science-based medicine. 


If you cannot make a contribution, I kindly ask you to pass this campaign to your friends, your co-workers, and your leaders. By helping me to spread my discoveries, I will have more time to do researches on more chronic diseases.

If you do not agree with my findings, you should demand controlling persons to start debates. The scientific validity of pioneer research findings should not be disposed in one statement like "the article is better placed elsewhere". Medical publishers select and publish articles that can generate largest revenues like a million dollars of reprint fees. If you know that scientific merit and human lives are decided by revenue, you should urge the controlling persons face challenges: They must accept, reject, or investigate my findings. Pretending NOT seeing our findings is NOT an option. Only grassroots supports from people like you can have power to neutralize the effects of publisher suppression and media censorship.

If you benefit from the medical system, I urge you to be open-minded. Human histories reflect a large number of instances where old theories were rejected after they had controlled fields or world for hundreds to thousands of years. Examples include geocentric model, classical physics (quantum mechanics), miasma theory of disease, and all early cancer theories. You should consider how the failed medicine will eventually hurt you, your family and the planet. Heart experts have died of heart attacks; cancer experts have died of the very cancer they are specialized in; and beneficiaries of this medical system are hurt by drug treatments they have discovered and promoted.

You may become my peers. If you are trained in hard sciences or have sound judgment in scientific merits, you may help me by serving as peer reviewers for my articles. Most publishers now require peer review. I have sent more than tens of thousands of email to experts in medicine to ask for review, or help, but I have not had luck to get a single offer to review or check my articles. So, I am still peerless. Scholars I contacted are stuck with flawed knowledge, and cannot think in a way that is conflict to the teaching in medicine. If you have background in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, immunology, system optimization, etc, please help me to vet my researches.

Doing nothing is NOT an option for you. If nothing is done, just synthetic chemicals will wipe out all species from the planet. If you are young, you should make this cause yours. What you will experience in the future depends on what you are doing now. Do not count on the old generations of people who cannot appreciate your long life journeys and big challenges in front of you.

I provide some details in the following appendix.

Jianqing Wu, Ph.D., J.D.

For Healthier World

(An entity to be incorporated, I will provide more details under Healthier World project in




(Full reference list will be provided elsewhere due to lack of storage space, here are my studies)

The findings in a-f invalidate the foundation of medicine and refute essentially everything that was viewed as the best medical practice.

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Jianqing Wu, Ph.D., J.D. ( is a scientist, registered patent attorney and prolific inventor named in 14 U.S. patents and one allowed U.S. patent,  and several pending U.S. patent applications. He earned M.S. and Ph.D. from N.C. State, and J.D. from University of Maryland. He did postdoctoral research in Medicinal Chemistry at University of Illinois at Chicago and the National Institutes of Health. He has used, tried, tested, developed, and created healing methods for managing cold, flu, wound, sleep problems, stress, blood pressure, etc. He and Ping Zha completed tens of theoretical studies for COVID-19


A. Our Pioneering Researches to Challenge Medicine

I have spent two decades to find new path for conquering chronic diseases including poor resistance to the COVID-19, cancer, heart diseases, AIDS, etc. My research articles prove that medicine cannot find predictable cures for chronic disease [1-2]: all key presumptions do not hold. For the reason not obvious, use of mathematics, use of statistical analysis, side-effect evaluating method, ignorance of role of mind are deeply flawed. By using wrong models, medicine favors medical treatments that are not the kind of things that can address the causes of diseases. I also found that medicine not only lacks channels for correcting fatal flaws, but has established sophisticated mechanisms for precluding any challenge. I found that funding practices used by federal and private funding agencies are also deeply flawed [3,4, 5]. For unintended reasons, medicine has become a profession with unique conflict of interest with no chance for improvements [6]. 

In the last half century, tens of thousands of published studies have firmly established that all health and diseases are controlled and affected by a large number of factors. We found that multiple factor disease causes model is the absolute LAW of human health. This implies that substantially ALL disease theories in medicine cannot withstand challenges. Each disease state is always a reflection of hundreds to thousands of influencing factors. Each factor may appear or be absent, and if a factor does appear, it may play its role by different degrees in different persons. True benefits of any weak factor cannot be determined by any experimental measurement. However, medicine continues to use reductionist treatments and independent action model, by which all drugs/chemicals side effects are evaluated independently. By relying on this wrong model to assess toxic substances, society could not explore the collective adverse impacts of all toxic substances. The massive past studies have mislead people to believe that they can keep ingesting hundreds to thousands of toxic substances as long as each substance’s daily intake is less than legally permissible limit. Due to this blunder, avoidable and unnecessary toxic substances find their ways into foods, drugs, cosmetics, appliances, etc. Post medical studies could not explain why wildlife is rapidly extinct and major diseases like cancer are about to hit all people in the population. Based on all indisputable evidence, I must predict that the toxic substances can wipe all species SEVERAL times, and humans will be re-selected with genetic capability to survive the toxic planet. If societies do not take immediate and radical actions, mankind, as we know, must be extinct.

Human ability to resist diseases depends on the immune system, and personal ability to absorb disease impacts depends on the vascular system. We found that the immune system depends on six classes of health properties (tissue elasticity, micro vascular networks, capillary pore sizes, blood viscosity-related property, the overall profile of toxic substances, and the driving force of blood flow). Nearly all of those properties cannot be improved by medical treatments such as drugs, devices, radiation and surgeries. From those six properties, I found that a personal immune functional capacity declines steadily over his life-time. More importantly, his immune functional capability changes up and down from time to time each day. It can hit a valley that is as low as a few percents of the available immune functional capacity. I call this pattern as “the dancing of immune functional capability.”

The real time fluctuations of the immune capability provides the most important hints for fighting the COVID-19 disease. Temperature is the Number ONE influencing factor [7-9]. Exposure to low temperature can instantly diminish blood flow [10] and thus cripples the immune system temporarily [11]. Avoiding exposure to cold temperature and cold air can reduce the risk of COVID-19 death by 90% based on observed data. 

B. Merits of Medical Treatments Are Based on Revenue

Since medicine is driven by revenue, its scientific merit must be repudiated as none-existing. This can be shown by following examples.

1. Why Does Medicine Fail to Find Cures for Cancer?

Cancer is not an incurable disease in its nature as it can self resolve [26-45]. Exercise can increase cancer patients’ long-term survival chance by 40% to 50% [53-60], and that was based on studies involving SIMPLE exercises. If I add four classes of additional factors: tailoring best exercise to the patient, plus using emotional measures, plus using right diet and nutrition, plus, avoiding the massive toxic, cancer-inducing agents and immune suppressants, any assertion of “incurable disease” cannot stand. Medicine has made cancer an incurable disease because it has used a wrong approach [47]. Medicine promotes chemotherapy that can deliver only about 2% benefits for five years survival [65]. That “2%” benefits are exaggerated because the true long-term side effects are grossly underestimated due to interference of a large number of interference factors [1-2]. Medicine never seriously explores the reason why millions of undocumented people have survived and healed, by using lame excuses, each of which is flawed. Those indisputable facts tell that medical treatments driven by revenues are dangerous.

2. Why Does Medicine Use Surgical Operation to Remove Cancer?

Surgery was not recommended for removing cancer before 1908 as means to control tumor burden, but a mistaken finding provided an opportunity for abuse. Soon after, surgeries are promoted by largely incorrect somatic mutation theory and misused statistical methods. Over the years, studies have collected evidence to question their validity, but all evidence is ignored. Finally, two important studies have invalidated both reasons for using surgeries and chemotherapy. A 2018 article based on animal model shows that surgeries actually promote cancer spread [85] (there are massive other pieces of evidence on this same question), and another 2018 review article shows that genetic mutation’s roles are often not a meaningful factor [48] in most types of cancer. This means that only very small percent of types of cancer can get real benefits from surgical removal, if there is any. Moreover, it is indisputable that cancer is caused or aggravated by a large number of compounds and disease agents and have a lot do with the Central Nervous System including emotion, mind, chronic stress, diet, toxic substance, personal activities, infections, etc. It is generally agreed that most cancers are caused by tissue ecosystem or “chemical environment” (under influence of CNS memory that we add). Another line of articles shows that chemotherapy can dramatically speed up cell aging and shorten patient’s lives. It is clear now that the approach used for cancer is wrong. Driven by revenues, hospitals are even busier in conducting gene tests, cutting off tumors, and attempting to eradicate “all cancer cells.”

3. Why Dose Medicine Choose Imperfect Vaccine?

It was known in 2015 that imperfect vaccines (e.g., leaky vaccines) can promote more deadly viral stains and increased death rate of birds [66-67]. Vaccine proponents have persuaded society to use such vaccines as the primary solution to the COVID-19 pandemic. I predicted that such vaccines can create more than a dozen unknown risks [68]. One major risk of the vaccine is its burdens on heart and vascular system. I have no doubt that a bad infection timing or a bad vaccination timing can pose high risk of death. Near the vaccination time widow, the person could be more vulnerable to COVID-19 attack. However, medicine did not pay attention to this because they trust population’s data. However, I have proved that population data is irrelevant to personal condition. Besides deep flaws in using the population method, side-effect evaluation method used for vaccines is completely wrong: It is indisputable that a health person will not feel anything when he has lost 60% of his organ functional capacity, that most toxic substances can slowly eat up organ functions without causing any sign of damages or discomfort, and that clinical trials consistently fail to predict long-term side effects of litigated drugs, toxic chemicals and harmful products.

C. Obvious Reasons of Failure of Medicine

Medicine is known for failure in cancer research and the dispute is due to the flaw in research models. Except for those with really bad mutation, cancer is a unique evolutionary problem, and is a sign of natural response to unfit living environment. Cancer can self-resolve as in hundreds of well documented cases [12-41]. One Goley once found simple measures for curing cancer [42-44], but his treatments were quickly “forgotten” in medicine. A recent study [45] again found that it can be prevented by major lifestyle changes. Medicine does not talk about using lifestyle as treatments because lifestyles cannot be patented as a revenue-generating treatments. Moreover, I found that part of cancer is like a skill that can be acquired [46], and thus cannot be cut and eradicated like a physical object. Part of cancer is reflected in stored information in the CNS. Known evidence shows that lack of cures is not due to disease nature, but a poor approach to cancer. Medicine will continue to use treatments based on flawed somatic mutation theory [47] which has been largely rejected [48]. Medicine has turned cancer into a frightening disease from which maximum revenues and pain can be extracted.

The conflict of interest in medicine is NOT seen in other fields. Everything capable of resolving chronic diseases cannot be owned or patented for commercialization, but all revenue-generating treatments cannot address the causes of chronic diseases. This conflict of interest determines that health care providers must avoid using temperature for COVID-19, Coley’s treatments for cancer, and must ignore massive cancer self-resolution cases. This conflict of interest dictates that drug vendors promote imperfect vaccines against 2015 teachings [51] as a preferred choice. For the sake of revenue, medicine does not teach patients to learn life skills for improving their immune functions.

D. The Voodoo Spell Harms Everyone

When the revenue-seeking motivation is in conflict with the patients’ need for cures, medicine selects treatments by revenues. By not examining failed research models, medicine attributes its failure to disease nature. Medicine creates an excuse that chronic diseases are incurable and, at the same time, promotes itself as the only science-based medicine. We see a medicine which is scientifically valid, but cannot cure chronic diseases; and it cannot cure diseases because diseases are incurable. To promote this art, medicine has to use a legal protection. Medicine proves its merit by controlling disease symptoms for acute diseases. It has succeeded. Then, it expands its merit in controlling symptoms to chronic diseases. It fails.

A brand of medicine without offering cures for chronic diseases would be a hard sell, if a competing arts can refute the “incurable” excuse. By using legal influences, medicine has eradicated all competing arts. The drug companies spent nearly $26 billion on campaigns directed to doctors and consumers. Other players are driven by motivation for making money. Most players probably have no idea that supporting such medicine has an effect of hurting themselves. What they do have an effect of precluding cures for themselves, their children and all people. By suppressing better health science, their actions kill hopes for all species on our planet. All decisions in medicine are decided by money: medical publication decision, peer review, and clinical treatments. After such a medical system has gained wide acceptance, challenge to its foundation is impossible unless the challenger has similar financial power of the drug companies. True health science knowledge completely disappears, but drug-promoting findings appear on websites, TV, movies, media, radio, etc. Now, junk science becomes science but better health science will never see light of day.


Due to flawed foundation, medicine has become the biggest threats to public health and the survival of all species in the planet. A solution to most public health problems is fixing medicine. However, medicine is not an entity that I can bring to court and force it do something. It has a unified voice when it advances its common financial interest, but it does not exist when I try to force it to deal with its problems. That is why I could get nowhere. My only hope is to start up with Healthier World, with a mission to find predictable cures for chronic diseases and save the planet. The proposed Healthier World business does not have conflict of interest because its ability to generate revenue depends on its ability to find cures. I found no funds will support researches on exploring life skills for the purpose of avoid disease causes. 

My goal is to find a new path for finding predictable cures for chronic diseases and dispel the Voodoo spell. Medicine not only fails to find cures for chronic disease [45], but also has built sophisticated devices for precluding other cures. I started suspecting its problems as early as in 2001. In the long period of time, I could not find any channel for making changes. This is in big part due to “knowledge selection” practice. When the industry has become sophisticated monopolistic being, there is no chance to see any conflict article in medicine. Journals select revenues over human lives. It is their bottom line. What is wrong is that our governments and societies regard their publications as “scientific articles.” In my last five years, none of leading medical journals has asked me to publish my articles because my articles would disrupt their revenues. My controversial researches articles are ignored by all leading medical publishers.

I have four lines of urgent researches: (1) protocols for strengthening the immune system; (2) exploring mRNA vaccine side effects as the most urgent research; (3) cancer research for finding predictable cures; and (4) AIDS cause research. All of those researches are directed to personal life skills, daily activities, emotional state, and environmental factors. They are about eliminating causes of diseases and raising real-time immune capability from any percents to approximately four folds. In the last two years, I applied for more than 10 research grants from NIH (4), states (2), private foundations (X), NSF (1, and N pitches), CDC (1), etc, but never won any. I presented my business plans to states, federal agencies, and private foundations. But my researches are not the typical researches that they would support. Federal funding programs for which I have applied support only the similar types of researches that have failed in the last half a century [3-6]. My researches do not promote drugs/treatments that can generate fast returns for investors. Everything I use is freely available in nature and has passed down in revolution. 

When both research subject selection and research findings dissemination have been tightly controlled by interest groups, medicine cannot improve its self. After years of my attempts, I finally realized that that no body can ever bring this multiple disease causes model to the light of day. Most people probably do not know how medical publishers select articles, innocently assuming that good sciences must see the light of day. I held this wrong belief for decades due to influences of the mass media and propagation at higher education institutes. Based on my own experience, I concluded that true science will NEVER see the light of the day. The inability to find cures for challenging diseases is not due to disease nature, but due to the massive established devices that are intended to preventing anyone from correcting flaws in medicine. Many other factors help this dysfunctional system. Drug makers can offer all kinds of things of value to university professors, institute researchers, clinical practitioners, medical publishers, etc. Federal and state governments courage drug uses by favorable reimbursement policies and tax laws. The U.S. residents hear drugs commercials at high frequencies. 

This is very unfortunate for Mr. Mankind: you will have NO chance to survive on this “toxic planet” of your own making. It has been obvious for decades that a large number of species are intoxicated, presenting tumors as obvious signs of their inabilities to survive in the toxic environment. Those with control still suppress anything that could give Mr. Mankind a hope for survival. I kindly ask my readers to imagine: if you know that fifty years later, your children and grand children would be as miserable as the wildlife in extinction, would you do something now?  

If nothing could be done, then your future would depend on your life skills to avoid the hundreds of toxic substances and massive other disease agents. Most synthetic drugs are toxic substance that ruin people's long-term health (I have to build a database to show this fact). Three big flaws are predicted to conceal 99.9% of latent side effects and results in greatly underestimated harmful effects. 


Healthier World has a plan to do researches on COVID-19/vaccine, cancer, AIDS, and heart diseases. Our mission is dispelling the Voodoo spell. Under this spell, a very healthy person can suddenly die without warning. To dispel the Voodoo spell is finding an effective approach to curing diseases. Human ability to resist diseases depends on the immune system and personal ability to survive depends on heart ability to maintain blood circulation. The health of the immune system depends on six health properties. Each person’s immune system maximum capacity changes with age and changes on from time to time. That means that diseases cannot be cured by drugs, devices, radiation and surgeries.

A. COVID-19 Measures and Vaccine Risks

There are more than a dozen risks that we should deeply look into. One risk is caused by imperfect vaccines. It was found to raise risk of death among birds as early as 2015 [1]. Boots comment was published in 2015, and stated “[many questions] should ideally be addressed before the implementation of any vaccination program, and careful monitoring would be usefully implemented in the light of this potential selection for higher virulence.” My article discusses ten classes of risks, many of which are very obvious.

Dr. Hervé Seligmann and engineer Haim Yativ at Aix-Marseille University found that Pfizer's shot causes "mortality hundreds of times greater in young people compared to mortality from coronavirus without the vaccine, and dozens of times more in the elderly, when the documented mortality from coronavirus is in the vicinity of the vaccine dose, thus adding greater mortality from heart attack, stroke, etc.” However, this problem can be best predicted by theoretical approach, as I have done in one article [6]. See our disruptive article on Vaccine’s risks.

This problem can be shown in my analysis below. mRNA vaccines have a huge number of copies. mRNA vaccines may contain 25 to 250 micrograms. For example, Johnson & Johnson vaccine delivers about 5×1010 particles. Pifzer vaccine comprises about 1273 RNA residue. The dose of 30 micrograms has about 4.5x10(13) particles. If 1% of vaccine particles randomly enter certain body cells, 4.5x10(11) will reach organs or parts. Moreover, each mRNA copy may give rise to about 10-100 proteins before being degraded. They may make more than 4.5x10(12) spike proteins. If mRNA is amplified, the vaccine may generate even more mRNA copies, and thus generate more spike proteins. Those numbers tell that the vaccine could cause much severe adverse reactions as compared with COVID-19 infection cases. The massive symptoms in the CDC database and online are consistent with my prediction. The vaccines delivery principle is deeply flawed: It assumes that a vendor can find a right coating for mRNA units and use the coating to protect the mRNA units to reach right target sites. However, the coating cannot work for all people due to great differences between different persons and the coatings for different units must have different ability. It is expected that some of the units reach the brain to strike neurons and cause a massive number of signs related to the CNS.

Since funding agencies and drug companies do not support such a research, your fund will enable me to continue my researches that affect millions to potentially billions of people. If you think you can trust medicine, please read Asbestos, DES, Roundup, “forever chemicals”, and the massive litigated product injury cases. Medicine was WRONG in each instance in predicting long-term side-effects. In Roundup, more than 800 research articles done in four decades were wrong. The pattern of failure is rooted in flawed research models and side-effect evaluation methods. If you think that millions to billions of lives are important, please support our researches.

B. Cancer Research

It is generally agreed that cancer is a preventable disease. A study [45] found that most cancer can be prevented. This finding actually supports our finding of “dance of anti-cancer immunity.” By combining our multiple disease causes model and known cancer-causing agents, I must find that cancer must be addressed in a different way. I classify all nature-made remedies into several classes, according to their action speeds and specificity.

(1) My idea is developing cancer protocol that uses all available broad mechanisms that are tend to be applicable to all cancer patients, as the basic measures. There are a huge number of things. This class of measures can be used to correct other chronic diseases by in boosting the immune system.

(2) Develop methodology to determine how to use a second class of measures such as nutrients vitamin, minerals and things that have not identified. Most of those things can have beneficial effects or have no effect, depending on if they are in deficiency. I want to develop a methodology to determine the suitable amount.

(3) Develop methodology of using highly specific compounds which may be used in only limited cases. This task is similar to what medicine currently focuses. However, I do not believe it is necessary to use this class of measures in most situations. Since finding based on population data is irrelevant to personal health, the utility of each measure must be evaluated on a personal basis.

The final goal is that if we have a cancer patient with detailed personal health and disease information, we can develop a fighting protocol for slowing down the cancer progression speed to zero and then by tailoring additional factors to make the net rate negative.

C. AIDS Research

This research is to determine whether HIV actually causes AIDS or merely a passenger virus. This was once a “settled” issue. Professor Peter Duesberg at University of California, Berkeley believed that various noninfectious factors such as but not limited to, recreational and pharmaceutical drug use are the cause of AIDS, and that HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is merely a harmless passenger.

Duesberg hypothesis was rejected by Durban Declaration, which was signed by over 5,000 physicians and scientists in 2000, affirming that HIV is the cause of AIDS. However, following new evidence warrants a need to consider the role of the HIV virus: (1) mountains of post-2000 studies found that massive immune suppressants can impair and cripple the human immune system; (2) there are a large number of discordant couples (i.e. couples where only one partner is infected with HIV) [80] and a large proportion of new HIV infections occurs within discordant couples in long-term stable partnerships [81-83]; (3) AIDS is clearly associated with environmental, ecological, social and economical factors [18] (it is not a disease by the virus); (4) recent findings of massive heavy metal and immune suppressants attack modern people immune systems in an unpredictable way; and (5) our finding that personal health is controlled by the combination effects of all influencing factors.

Those factual findings may overturn Durban Declaration and reaffirm Duesberg’s hypothesis. Durban describes the evidence that HIV causes AIDS as "clear-cut, exhaustive and unambiguous". The declaration is wrong on its face because it assumes that a disease can be caused singularly by one factor such as HIV. At that time, medical community did not understand flaws in medical research model, mathematical model, and statistical analysis. None of the evidence relied by the Durban Declaration signers can pass the test of multiple disease cause model. Study of the HIV virus is important because the SARS-Cov-1 virus was found in immune cells in several studies and SARS-Cov-1 can remain in living human being for more than eight months. I expect that SARS-Cov-2 will be found in immune cells.

Our research will use new theory and new model to determine (1) what else might cause the immune cells to lose their defense ability, (2) what promotes the HIV viral infection, (3) the true roles of the HIV virus in exemplified patients, (4) the dynamics of the immune response, and the HIV infection and speed race between the vial replication and immune system response, (5) how to use multiple factors to fight the disease, (6) how organ functions affects the disease, (7) what could be used to alter the disease process, and (8) the role of personal genome and how to compensate for genetic weakness. This research will enable individual persons to prevent, retard, and reverse the disease.

D. Other Researches

Other researches include arthritis and joint paint, exercise, mental diseases, aging, diabetes, unified disease theories, etc.


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