For the Roadies - Music Tour Crew Relief

For the Roadies - Music Tour Crew Relief

From Adam Jung

Thousands of touring crew have found their tours, festivals, and venues closed down. This is one of many attempts to provide relief to touring crew as we weather this pandemic.

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Hey y'all! My name is Adam Jung. I handle day to day on tour management on the road for a couple artists. I kinda fell into this industry years ago from the world of organizing and activism, and I've tried to keep a foot in both since. With this pandemic steamrolling across the world, we're left watching as our industry (and many others) completely collapse around us.Thousands of tour and venue crew have watched their tours, festivals, and venues close down, with absolutely no idea when things may start back up. It's looking more like months than weeks now. The folks behind the your favorite concerts - the sound engineers, guitar techs, tour managers, lighting directors, merch seller, and many more - have overnight lost their livelihoods for the foreseeable future.So I decided to activate my networks and resources to do what little I can to help to provide some relief. I've partnered with Jamie Reid, the legendary artist who defined the punk rock aesthetic, creating the iconic Sex Pistols album covers for "God Save the Queen," "Anarchy in the UK," and "Never Mind the Bollocks." For $20, we'll send you a digital high resolution exclusive 18" x 24" Jamie Reid print, created just for this.

We'll distribute funds on a first come, first serve basis to crew who can provide deal memos or contracts or have their band / venue / management confirm. We'll cap at $1000 per month, for two months. It's not much, but I hope it can help some folks weather through this.If you're crew and want to apply - send a message through here.This isn't too complicated of a set up, but I have a wealth of experience and successful campaigns outside of, as well as utilizing, the music industry to help folks out - currently I am assisting the Coronavirus response project that you can check out here. They could also use some funds if you're so inclined. Below is just a few examples of some of my previous work - including one project funded through this site. Thanks so much for reading. Hopefully we'll see you on the road again soon.

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