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Hello my name is Rostyk. I’m 26 years old. I live in Ukraine in a small city in the east.I want to help my friend in his small own business, his name is Nikita, he is 25 years old,he himself works as a sales manager but at the same time decided to start a small businessand in the current situation in the world I bought a small workshop for the production of medical masks.

In our country, masks began to be bought up almost immediately as soon as it became known about the distributionEpidemics in pharmacies and warehouses are not there, and if there is, then using the situation they sell 10-15 times more expensive.Nikita is a good guy and he doesn’t use it and didn’t overestimate the price of the products, he even watched something like he just handed outtheir elderly people. And everything would be fine if the equipment did not start to malfunction and often fail,and since his income is not very large, equipment repair has become a very big problem.

Part of the income goes to the rental of premises and payment of utility bills, the price for material for the factory’s products is alsobegan to overstate several times. Therefore, the replacement of equipment is not even considered because we havesome huge money from $ 30,000 to $ 50,000, if possible I try to help him both physically and financiallybut my strength is also not enough. Equipment repair with spare parts and small expenses for about $ 16.325this is also quite a lot, at the moment we have collected only $ 3,500

I would really not want him to continue to deal with this matter which he is trying to at least somehow helpto others. It’s not very convenient for me to ask for help, I have never done this, but I want to help if there isnot indifferent with the desire to help in this difficult period, donate no matter how much ...I will be very grateful for any support.Thank you all for your early days, be healthy and let the epidemic pass you by!)

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