For The Love of Animals

For The Love of Animals

From Lori Kline

I am raising money so I can continue to feed the animals And to continue handing out collars, toys, and bags. And also make my donation to the animal shelter. Thank you

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 Hi I am Lori, and I'm starting a fundraiser because I've always loved animals always all animals. The last few years I've been feeding all the birds in my yard and then the deer started coming around, then the raccoons and then the skunks and the groundhogs and the cats. I think you see where this is going, it has gotten a little out of hand. It is getting very expensive feeding them and I need to make a special bird feeder or buy a special bird feeder, to keep the bigger blackbirds out and only let the Cardinal and smaller birds in. So, I   working on experimenting with that right now. I was taking care of a stray cat for the last two years and he just passed away it still breaks my heart when I think about it getting emotional now that sucks. I feed all the other wild animals and everybody else's animals in the park, because I can't have any more animals.I get too attached and they never live that long and it just tears my heart out. So this helps me help the animals without getting too attached. Heck last summer, I started taking care of a toad, and it would sing at my kitchen window while I would  do the dishes. I built him a little house underground, a little pond, and two days later found him smashed the neighbor's yard. Again cried like a moron. I always take blankets and stuff in the winter and heaters to the animal shelters, and in the summer I take them  coolpads and fans. They always need blankets and toys and stuff like that. I give them all that stuff, also when I go out to the parks I always have dog collars or treats or toys or the doggy pick up bags. But again this stuff' is getting expensive I can't keep up with it anymore,  especially since I just had elbow surgery ,I was out of  work for the last month and that kind of killed me. So this is all for the animals. I take very good care of all of them you can ask my neighbors, they think I'm crazy but you know somebody's got to do it LOL And for all you animal lovers, thank you for loving them. I even wrote the president and asked him if he could do something about this animal abuse stuff , because it's  out of control there is not any reason for it. And I told him there needs to be something like an eye for and eye , what you do to an animal will be done to you regardless. They aren't afraid of a little fine and 30 days in jail, they need something to make them suffer like they make the animals suffer. They cannot  defend themselves, and they do not have a voice to cry for help.  I never got a response on that , he responded about the wildlife, how he' is making sure that the future wildlife will have habitat and food. So anything the animals will greatly appreciate I will start taking pictures. I didn't think of that before. I have pictures of the deer  and birds in my yard  I just have to find them. Thank you for reading, and I hope that  you and yours have a blessed day.

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