For the love of adoption

For the love of adoption

From Amanda Wade

I'm on a mission to change the life of a child, you may see this like many others and move on. Before you do, this little boy is 3, has HIV and 2 heart defects. Alone in an institution in Ukraine. Nations dividing us.

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My name is Amanda wade, I am a mother of 2 awesome kiddos. They changed my perception of life, struggle and success. When you have children they change you from the inside out. You find the inspiration in the little smiles and smirks they give. The giggles you hear across the room. The tears they shed inspire you to change the world. As a parent you find a way to achieve the impossible, when you find that no matter what you know you will be there and able to make every little dream come true. 

I would like to welcome you all to my dream. I have always wanted to adopt. I grew up in Bandera, Texas. This is a very small town outside of San Antonio, Texas. We call ourselves the Cowboy capital of the world. Where they still drive the cattle through town, everyone knows everyone and everyone's business. Where you raise your children to know the value of a dollar, you teach them about farming and living off the land. Where the wild flowers bloom and the rustle of the trees make you feel free. It was there that I learned I wanted to change the world 1 child at a time. 

I was researching adoption in January and ready to make the first steps to adopt. When my sister sent me a link to Keshia Melton, she is a member of Maya's Hope Foundation and helps Reece's Rainbow. I started to follow Keshia on Instagram where my perception of the world I live in changed FOREVER. 

I cam across this post from Keshia, it was The forgotten children, I clicked the link and was directed to Ukraine children. I made it about 3 min in and lost it, i was in tears, hurting from every fiber of my being, my soul shattered into pieces. My life changed, that love i feel for my children suddenly awoken by not only anger but pure sadness for these poor children i saw. 

I went straight to google, searching and finding every bit of information i could. I found Reece's Rainbow, where I am reading and looking at these children who are in institutions, Yes, institutions not orphanages, they are housed in insane asylums. I fall in love with a face of a boy, who is 3. There are 3 photos listed of him, all of which he doesn't smile, he looks at this camera with curiosity and confusion almost blank stare. You wonder if he even wonders if he will get picked up or just knows they will walk passed him yet again. 

You see this little boy has been here since he was a little baby, mother abandoned him and the state took him. Remember he is 3 years old, life hasn't even begun to give him the love and devotion it has to give. He has HIV, Two Arterial defects and an unknown brain condition. He is in a country that will not fight for him to be released and adopted. Because he is a statistic. He is the normal. 

This is where you and the rest of the world come in, I need you to stand behind me as we fight to bring this sweet, amazing, lost and vulnerable child home. Below this I am going to put the letter that I wrote in Sven's name. 

Hi, my name is Sven, I’m going to be three this year in an orphanage moving to an institution you see to them I’m a statistic. I am just another orphan with HIV, encephalopathy of unspecified aetiology, atrial septal defect and a ventricular septal defect. I sit in an orphanage with hundreds of other children they call a burden on society.  

I am in an orphanage, where the war is still going on. I don’t get to play outside much, I haven’t yet felt the freedom to run the streets protected and loved, the world hasn’t seen me yet. As I sit alone waiting for so much more to come, I wonder if you see me yet? Can you feel me around you?  

I’ve been waiting for a family for 2 years; I’m starting to lose hope but deep down I know there is a family for me. You see I had a dream the other night about my mommy and daddy. They told me they are fundraising for me, they told me that I have an older sister she’s 13 and a younger brother he’s going to be 2 this year. My mommy told me how much she loved me and couldn’t wait to fly across the world and hold me in her arms. They said I can be free in America; I can run and play. They said I can go to school, oh how I love the idea of school. I get to play in the ocean. I smiled when they said that.  

My mommy and daddy aren’t scared of me, they don’t think I’m a burden they said I’m not special needs I’m special. In my dream my mommy was crying in my daddy’s arms, she said her Facebook group and go fund me isn’t working like she hoped. I think she might be losing hope and I can’t let her do that. You see I am alone in a world filled with millions who want to help but just don’t know about me yet. Mommy and daddy are working so hard, mommy works 12 hours a day comes home to take care of brother and sister, once they go to bed, she posts about me sometimes till 12 at night. Daddy works out of town, he’s only home every few days and leaves after 12 hours of rest time. Sometimes he’s lucky and home a little longer but that’s only if he goes to work 5 times a week and isn’t home more than 24 hours in 5 days.  

They love me and haven’t even met me yet; they love me and haven’t even held me yet. They love me for who I am, and they know I will be. I have dreams of playing in the grass and running at the park.  


With love and hope,  


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