For People and Planet

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For People and Planet

From Hisham Moharram

Empower your chosen faith organization! Your donation gives them 1) ownership in an organic farm, 2) affordable access to organic food, and 3) agribusiness entrepreneurial apprenticeships for their youth.

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We want to empower Faith Communities and Faith-based Private Schools by giving them:

  • Ownership in a business that can generate profit annually
  • Ownership in a 55 acre farm that appreciates in value annually
  • Educational use and recreational access benefits at the farm
  • Affordable access to organic, food that is also verifiable Halal & Tayyeb
  • Entrepreneurial mentorship & agribusiness apprenticeships/internships

Click here to see the detailed benefits invested Faith Communities and Faith-based Private Schools will receive.

We need your help to make this happen. Please make sure we know who your donation is for.

Click here to watch our founder explain the intention behind the Good Tree Farm Project.

Why support us? 

  • This makes it possible for the middle & working class to affordably access healthy organic food.  SNAP-EBT recipients from invested Faith Communities & Faith-based Private Schools get a special $1/lb price for organic produce. 
  • Students in Faith-based Private Schools and youth from Faith Communities get to use the farm as a 'Third Space'.   The farm is a safe and secure private property providing a threat-free environment for camping, retreats, spiritual programs, sports meets, outdoor science trips and picnics.
  • Faith Communities and Faith-based Private Schools can use the farm as a 'Neutral Space' for interfaith activities with interfaith partners, for environmental stewardship and food justice activism, etc.
  • Faith Community youth can build lifelong friendships and grow their network of like-minded youth 'engaged' on issues of justice for people & planet through their involvement in activities at the farm.
  • Invested Faith Communities will have an ownership share in an agribusiness and 55 acre farm.  Revenue from the shares will help end or reduce the need for donations to support building maintenance, utility bills, activities, and staff; and the 55 acres secures their investment.

About Us

The Good Tree Farm Project is about empowering and engaging faith communities in America.  It is comprised of three entities (see diagram below) working together to increase involvement and activism of America's Faith Communities on 1) sustainable organic farming, 2) environmental stewardship, and 3) food justice and healthy food access issues. For details, and the resume of the founder click here.

To see a chronological history of the GTF Project in video click here.

So how does this work?

  • Donation total must reach or exceed $5,636 for a faith community or faith-based private school to become invested. To access the benefits and/or receive an annual share of profits equal to their % ownership, the total donation amount any Faith Community or Faith-based Private School (must be a a tax-exempt 501c3 in either case) receives must equal or surpass $5,636.
  • If the investment minimum is reached, the official/legal representative of the community or school must sign the operating agreements for Crescent Farmland and Good Tree Farm (see diagram at top for breakdown of project structure).
  • Once these conditions have been met, the Faith Community or Faith-based Private School will receive a share ownership confirmation letter from our attorney.
  • If the dedicated donation threshold is not met or the operating agreements are not signed, the donation amount will become a balance that the community or school can use to buy products (vegetables, eggs, meat, and honey) from GTF.

Click here to read the details in text format on our website.

How you can help

Spread the word!  Share this campaign with everyone you know and ask them to share it with their social network as well.

Donate now!  Consider donating to help us get your Faith Community or Faith-based Private School into the Good Tree Farm Project.  Any amount you donate will help your chosen Faith Community or Faith-based Private School get invested.  Make sure to let us know who you want your donation to go to!!  For tax-deductible donation receipt letter for 2018 tax return, donate before December 31, 2018.

​Why is this campaign special?

  • The Good Tree Farm Project is unique in its structure, goals and objectives.  No one else, to our knowledge, is proposing to do this!!  It addresses important problems around food justice and environmental stewardship for our Faith Communities and Faith-based Private Schools.
  • Donations go to invest and benefit the 501c3 Community School, not to profit the farm.
  • Our success could spark a trend around the country that would empower Faith Communities and Faith-based Private  Schools.

For more information about the project and our team, check out our websites:

The Good Tree, Inc.:

Good Tree Farm:


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